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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bundlemaker, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Just trying out eSignal. Do they have continuous futures for emini's and if so what is the symbol. Also, is there anyway to change candles so they are outlined in black, the default appearance is horrible compared to what I'm used to in qCharts.
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    on the futures:

    ES #F
    NQ #F
    YM #F

    those are the continuous symbols.

    as far as the candle outline...yeah...just right click on the chart, click on edit studies, and make sure the chart type is candle. There is a drop down color box right there for outline color...and some other settings.

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    To change candle properties or any other indicator appearance:

    Right click on Chart;
    Edit Studies.....
  4. If you point and drag in a horizontal motion across the time axis, you can make the candles (or bars) be further apart or squeezed close together.
  5. Thx, some of this stuff is not very intuitive, but the more I play with it the more I like it.

    If anyone is willing a couple more questions:

    1) is the first or last 60min bar of the day set to 30min, and is this changeable

    2) if a title bar is hidden is there a way to double click to maximize a chart window

    3) when I type "2D" into the interval box I get a 2 minute chart, the HELP file says it should give me 2 day bars, any idea what I might be doing wrong.

    Thank you all so much for the help, it's so much faster than reinventing the wheel myself.
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    I just started to use e-signal last week and am very satisfied with them. I run e-signal inside MetaStock which gives me a few extra options, but they do have pretty much everything you need to run the E-minis in my case.

    Their array is somewhat overwhelming, but that's typical. I still haven't found the Instructions in PDF format, but they must be somewhere. Their on-screen samples are not sufficient.

    The problem I am having is trying to download EOD data. I am restricted to 20 symbols ( I am cheap) and all I get is the last trading day. I keep asking for one or two years, but can't figure out how to coax the info from e-signal.

    It's a question of comparison and I think, relatively speaking, it is the best you can get.
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    Hello bundlemaker,

    I posted an answer here, which is on our eSignal Central Forums.

    Jay F.
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