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  1. Does eSsignal have an API or is it charting only?

    If eSignal has an API is it any good? Does anyone know how frequently it updates? Latency? Reliability, etc.??

  2. Esignal has an api+ but they haven't actively promoted it or put much effort into supporting it. Firstly you have to pay extra for it, which is not fair if you are already paying for the data anyway.

    They have openly admitted in the past they they are worried about api users putting a strain on the system by not calling data correctly. I guess they are worried about possibly effecting the performance of non api users. Which is a short way of saying. It's not their core business and they don't give a shit.

    You're probably better to look at iq feed. It's essentially the same data for half the price.
  3. Thx for the reply.

    IQ's NxCore product is very very expensive and IQ's IQ Feed product is very, very retail. $140/month gets you "second level accuracy" (so they don't timestamp down to sub-second on the API they told me) and you only get a universe of 1800 symbols. I need 3k symbols and an API only but it needs to be accurate to the sub-second level. I think I'll stick with Bloomberg for now since there are no cheap alternative solutions that supply accurate data with an unlimited universe.
  4. I think the esignal API is limited to 500 symbols
  5. I guess eSignal provides different kind of API : one is ActiveX for communication with eSignal application and some other are for direct data access. I'm not sure about additional fees for using API but looks like they must be free.

    You can read more about eSignal API here:
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    What about 500 symbols limitation, most likely it is related to subscription plan and can be extended.
  6. I believe the standard API is different to the desktop API. The desktop API is for retail customers and costs about $70 per month. It has a symbol limit.

    I think the standard API is probably what trading software providers like ensign and ninja are programming to.
  7. J-Law


    Maybe you guys could Offer some direction,

    I use Esignal delayed data & take my signals off of dailies & later timeframes. To avoid tapping thru 400 charts everynight, do I need to interface with their API if I were to construct something in excel to see what signals were generated off of my indicator from a list of symbols? I want to construct an excel spreadsheet to do the crunching/heavy lifting as I know tapping thru charts by hand is inefficient and probably has me missing trades.

    Thanks in advance