eSignal problems...yet again

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader56, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Anyone else having eSignal freeze up on the repeatedly over the last couple of days?

    Today (Mon 1/26) and this past Friday have been particularly bad, with data stopping for anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, and the program not responding.

    There's my platform and market maker windows happy as can be and clicking along, but not ole' eSignal.
  2. Strange... I am on Qcharts (based on the esignal platform) and have had no problems.
  3. RL8093


    While I regularly see lagging w/ eSig, I have noticed nothing overt recently... (other than that major CME issue they had 1-2 weeks ago (another thread))

  4. Ok for me today.
  5. I've been rock solid today and all of last week.

  6. It must have known I wrote this because it's decided to punish me by just locking up completely - only program I'm running that's doing this.

    Have to go to the Task Manager just to shut the POS down, then log back in, whereupon it freezes up again.

    Thanks for the replies, though - glad none of you are having this problem.
  7. run virus and spyware scans (if you have them). Don't know how active you are with system maintenance but I find that being anal about it helps keep the issues with esignal strictly on their end when they happen.

  8. RL8093


    Naturally, the other day everything was fine. Today, I've had 2 multi-minute outages so far - the last one at 12:18 EST.

    Ninja-Zen kept truckin through both ....