eSignal Problems this Morning ???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cajunboy, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. cajunboy


    Anyone else having eSignal data and chart problems this morning, 7/15/2008. Charts and quotes are not insync and charts are not updating correctly. Also some quotes are saying not entitled when I should be entitled. Any feedback would be great if having these problems, or not.

  2. everything is fine over here... its spot on with my other feed too
  3. tbone4


    Absolutely horrible. eSignal data was lagging for several minutes at times during the reversal.

    My other data feeds kept up perfectly.

    eSignal, what's the excuse this time?
  4. I run two systems together

    Esignal and CQG

    Esignal is very slow

    CQG is fine

    I have had this setup for while now. Its the cost of doing business. Frankly I should shitcan Esignal. Very unresponsive folks. I am always looking for alternatives.