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    My Esignal time is set at the old time ( 1hour behind). Is there something I am supposed to do, or is something wrong?

    Thanks, Tbill
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    Never Mind-- I didn't notice that my windows time hadn't automatically changed Sunday.

  3. That would do the trick :)
  4. In Windows Time&Date, make sure the the "Automatically adjust clock to DST" box is checked. Otherwise you'll still get the hours wrong (even if you did adjust the clock)
  5. I have an excel app which queries esignal data manager for option quotes. I load up a bunch of quotes for ONE stock in excel, save it, unload it then load the next bunch for the next stock. I load the next stock about 10 seconds later. Inspite of the time lag, I still get the "You have exceeded 500 symbols....blah blah..." Why? Is there a way I can clear the "buffer" or requery the data manager the correct way? After all,I am not exceeding the 500 symbols since I am loading it 1 at a time. Thanks
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    In case you weren't aware, each individual option symbol will count against the 500 symbol limit, even if they are based on just one stock. I think that's why you are getting that symbol limit message. I'm not aware of a way to reset those symbols via DDE but you can go into the Data Manager, select Data, then Symbols, then Reset DBs. That'll clear the symbols.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Thanks for your reply Scott. I fully realize that 1 symbol is per option. In fact I rigged my excel sheet under the assumption that 1 data field is 1 symbol i.e. IBM may 50 C bid is one, IBM May 50 C Offer is another symbol.

    The annoying thing is that I use code to put DDE links in xl cells such as winros|last|IBM in Cell A1,winros |totalvol|IBM in cell A2, up to maybe 50 symbols, I then save data and clear the cells by deleteing rows/columns. After I clear the cells,I load new set of 30-40 symbols. Apparently, data manager does'nt flush the buffer of the old symbols requested 3 seconds ago- so the symbols pile up to the 500 limit. Is there a way to tell data manager to flush the stack and load a new set? Thanks
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    The easiest way to do this is to have eSignal running in the background, and then click on the word "Sym" on the Status Bar. This should clear out any symbols that are no longer being used.

  9. I apprecaite your help. Is there a way to do it automatically? Instead of hitting a button repeatedly?
  10. Jay,

    Is this operation similar to the "Reset symbol count" in the File -> Properties window?
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