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  1. I sent esignal support the following email, and posting hear also since esign support often responds here faster, and maybe someone else has some ideas. Here's the email...

    "Hello, I have a reasonably late model computer with adequate power and memory. I have very few applications running at the same time. Problem is this: when changing from one layout to another, it takes a full minute or two to complete. I'm running 3 monitors and roughly 6-10 windows per layout. Also, one layout seems to crash esignal upon exiting that layout. Is this a normal amount of time to change layouts? Would saving as a page speed things up? Is there anything other than a corrupt file causing the crashes, I'd prefer not remaking the layout due to it's complexity. One last thing, it's been over 6 weeks since I asked for help about alerts not functioning right, and it seems to have been forgotten about. Soonest reply appreciated."
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    It looks like you already have had an email reply from our support dept. on your inquiry.
  3. How can I remove the text circled in red on my charts.
    As you can see, the text gets in the way of chart data.

  4. I also have a question:

    Why can't I spread ESZ3 -NQZ3 on eSignal. I seem to be able to do all kinds of other spreads using stock tickers or one emini and a stock ticker, but both eminis just gives me an error that the ticker was not found. :(


    Go into chart, click right mouse button, click scaling and choose "auto scale". That should fix it. I was able to recreate your problem, only after increasing the font size. So using auto scale or redcuing the font size should fix it....good luck!



    I'm not a tech person, but I have found that over time, layout files can become corrupted, especially after several upgrades and updates to the software. Since eSignal is always updating their software with new features, you may want to rebuild the layout. Good luck!
  7. Thanks Jai, I was starting to suspect that. All is well here.

  8. Ramo...

    I tried the auto scaling and reducing my font size, but unfortunately the text is still overlaying on the chart info.

    I went into properties and into edit studies and haven't found anything yet that will take care of this. I wouldn't mind completely getting rid of the text in question on a select chart.

    Jay from Esignal, you around ?
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    I haven't found a setting yet to remove that text so that may not be an option at this time. In addition to experimenting with different fonts and scaling methods, you can also try moving your mouse over the y-axis ( price ) and holding the left-click button down. That will compress the price scale and "center" or "expand" the data. All of these adjustments should make it easier to see the data but they don't quite reach your goal of removing that text altogether. If there turns out not to be a setting for this, we'll add it to our development list.

  10. tmb


    I even find the little

    Copyright 2003 eSignal

    at the lower left hand side of every chart to be annoying at times, as it also overlays data. I wish the developers could shift its position so that this never occurs.
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