Esignal overseas customers - slow quotes

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradethetrade, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Has any foreign customer been experiencing sporadic quote delays through out the day?

    I know it is esignal because when my quotes lag, I load up a single chart on a page and compare to my execution software and it still lags. I also run a speed test to remove the possibility of line degradation.

    I called esignal but they just read from the book the same answer to disconnect and reconnect to a faster esignal server. It works most of the times but it is not the answer I want to hear.

    I have been having this problem for months now.
  2. Yes I have experienced the same lag during a fast market. The last few days during recent news announcements and even today during small sharp bursts esignal was lagging. This is a JOKE with them at this stage. The average trader using them must pay in the region of a few hundred $ per month and still their service and data feed are seriously lacking in quality. Esignal seems to spend money on advertising rather than investing in supplying their clients with a quality service.
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    I canceled this garbage due to quotes lagging by a minute of more and unuseably corrupt data. My requests to have it fixed were repeatedly ignored.

    My solution was Quotecenter from Metastock and using the IB feed in Sierracharts