esignal or tradestation?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by pumpkinhead, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to upgrade my strategy runner charts to esignal or tradestation. Which one is better in your opinion? I found that esignal has playback but no programming. And tradestation has programming but no playback. I'm sure there are other features. I'm still checking them out.
  2. Tradestation's backtestable feature is pretty much like playback.
  3. Tradestation is the worse broker out there. Go with any broker but tradestation. They have terrible customer service. As soon as you sign up with them, they will treat you like SH*T.
  4. ESignal has EFS2 scripting language and a DLL interface for custom indicators and strategies. If you get onto, I'm sure you'll find some 3rd party add-ons that will permit playback...I remember seeing that no so long ago.
    BTW: I'm trialing StrategyRunner....and I like it ! It's fast and efficient (hardly uses any CPU)...downside is: strategies must be coded in VB6 or C++.
  5. FWIW
    My order entries (yes, plural) are separate from my charting which is separate from my data feed.

    I would never combine these features and I pass this on to you from hard learnt bitter experience.