Esignal or multicharts for equities

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  1. Hey guys I have narrowed my selection down to these two choices, I basically day trade equities, and I need a decent charting software suite.

    I've been using think or swims platform for a while and I really like it but I feel like I am still limited by its capacities and wonder if I need to try new ones.

    I have the demo for multicharts using their live data feed from IQ on a 30 day demo, but it doesnt give me live real time data for equities.

    In your guys experience which one has worked out better for equities, esignal or multicharts?

    Thanks guys
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  3. As general feedback from our users, trading equities is much like trading any other instrument. So, you can try trading some futures on a demo account and see whether you like the trade management process in general.