eSignal only cares about profits!

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  1. AP
    Interactive Data 4Q Profit Jumps
    Thursday February 21, 10:41 am ET
    Interactive Data 4th-Quarter Profit Jumps Amid Solid Global Demand

    BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) -- Financial data provider Interactive Data Corp. said Thursday its fourth-quarter profit jumped 29 percent, fueled by solid results in its pricing and reference data business.

    The results beat Wall Street's expectations, and the company's shares rose nearly 10 percent in morning trading.

    The company earned $31.9 million, or 33 cents per share, up from a profit of $24.8 million, or 26 cents per share, in the same period a year earlier.

    Revenue rose 13 percent to $182.1 million from $161.1 million.

    Analysts, on average, expected a profit of 31 cents per share, according to a poll by Thomson Financial.

    The company's pricing and reference data business posted sales of $114.3 million, up 16 percent from a year earlier and driven by higher global demand.

    For the full year, the company earned $126 million, or $1.30 per share, up 33 percent from $93.4 million, or 98 cents per share, a year earlier.

    Revenue rose 13 percent to $689.6 million from $612.4 million.

    Shares rose $2.85, or 9.9 percent, to $31.55.

    I look at Interactive Data (eSignal) as I do the pharmaceutical companies. All their interest lies with making their share holders $$$$
    The pharmaceutical companies goals are to have you take as many meds for the rest of your life without any care if all the meds you take make you more ill or even kill you as many do! eSignal acts in the same way. They promise all of us users hope of a better platform better data performance with out any care the harm it does to us as users. With all those profits you would think they would step up and modernize their shitty platform they offer all of us now.! Shame on you Interactive Data Company, Shame on you! I am looking at alternatives to rid myself of this irresponsibly. What they are doing needs to be put out in all financial papers to try and hit esignal were it counts! I hope anybody who has been thinking about using esignal avoids them from reading what their service is really like. The last two weeks have been sickening.
  2. esignal is a total scumbag company to do business with. the data lag today was the worst it has been so far this week . they refuse to even acknowledge the problem . i know of numerous people in the trading room i attend that were virtually out of business almost the entire day . unfortunately like most, i have grown comfortable using the platform over the past 6 years and i suspect that no improvements will be made until large numbers of people cancel subsciptions andthe sales of third party software vendors that use esignal as a data source do the same.thank goodness i use tradestation and sierra charts for charting , both of which functioned beautifully throughout the day.
  3. What this should tell you is that

    Subscribers TALK about leaving Esignal, but most never do...once they get a chance to vent (in this thread for instance) they go back to business as usual the next day....Why? because its too much trouble to change? or because when they do they, the "other" vendor has their own problems? or because they aren't willing to pay up for a professional data feed like CQG?

    just human nature at work....and that is why they Interactive Data (Esignal) made 31 million this quarter.....:)

    I'm not much different by the way, I still have them as my backup, but I trade off of CQG charts.