Esignal - Only 2-5 days of Vol Bar data

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    My timebased charts for NQ & ES #F have 90-120 days intraday data displayed depending on 24hr or RTH settings.

    Why when I select Vol Bar charts I get, best case 5 days worth and worst case 2 days of data displaying - eg For ES #F - I can only pull up two days worth of data for 10000V.

    After discussion with Esignal - I opened a new page & new chart for ES#F. With the std 24hr time template and 100k V bars I get five days up - 15th to 21st. It is in receiving mode for several minutes. I then setup the volume-10 day time template they suggested. This took 7-8mins to load and still only had 5 days worth for 15th-21st.

    I have an Esignal defined "Power User" spec PC and a 10meg+ Cable connection.

    What is everybody else getting in days displayed for say 10k V in ES or NQ?

    Esignal say that there should be 10 days worth on any server used.


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    There must be somebody who can tell me if 10 days of Vol Bar data is a dream or a reality (minimum) for the eminis with Esignal !


  3. Yes, 10 days

    But on es it will take a while to download (30mins), especially on days like yesterday.

    They need a more efficient system for common ES volume bars and not be based on the downloaded tick data. If they can do it for common time frames then for the emini's they can have common volume increments

    Also depending from which day you download your tick data from your volume bars will form differently as its continuous 24hr.

    Lastly with a better volume bar system you would need to be able to apply a time template to it.

    My method would be to manually download 10 days of tick data to the hard drive, then create the chart you want.

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    Thanks BB