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    New Offering Raises Bar for Retail End-of-Day Market with Award-Winning, Data, Global Data Coverage and Advanced Decision Support Tools for Retail Investors and Active Traders Worldwide

    HAYWARD, Calif., October 20, 2008 -- eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced that it has released eSignal OnDemand, which leverages the power of eSignal's award-winning software to offer a value-priced charting application that features end-of-day market data and delayed intraday snapshots with no exchange fees.

    The eSignal OnDemand offering, designed for the needs of retail investors and active traders, (includes powerful eSignal research tools such as eSignal Formula Script (SM) (EFS[SM]) to create, modify and back test studies and replay data to support strategies; advanced charting with analytics, back testing, ability to program customized studies; plus the standard eSignal product features, including quote windows and portfolio manager as well as access to the world's markets. eSignal OnDemand will also tap into eSignal's complete set of tools for monitoring stocks, futures, pink sheets, mini futures and Forex. The eSignal® platform is consistently ranked among the top financial analytics tools by industry experts and trade publications including recent Readers Choice Awards from Technical Analysis of Stocks Commodities magazine and Trade2Win Web site.

    eSignal OnDemand customers also benefit from having access to a broad range of international content from major stock exchanges and marketplaces around the world. By leveraging PlusFeed(SM), a low latency, consolidated data feed service from Interactive Data Real-Time Services, eSignal provides access to data from more than 450 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 3.4 million instruments.

    Unlike other end-of-day charting applications for the active trader market that require investors to wait for data to download, eSignal OnDemand clients will receive instant access to 15 years of historical data, instantly updated whenever they open the application. In addition to end-of-day quotes, eSignal OnDemand users will receive non-streaming current delayed market data and prices.

    "eSignal OnDemand is a tremendous benefit for price-sensitive retail investors and swing traders anywhere on the globe, who want to take advantage of powerful research tools, yet don't require real-time data," said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. "And, we decided to raise the bar for end-of-day charting applications and offer 'on demand' access to global intraday data for our retail, end-of-day clients. Offering these features at this price point makes eSignal OnDemand truly unique."

    The eSignal platform gives OnDemand subscribers access to the world's largest exchanges in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, including NYSE, NASDAQ, Toronto, Deutsche Boerse, London Stock Exchange, Australian (ASX), Hong Kong (HKG), NSE of India, Shanghai, Tokyo, CBOT, CME, US and ICE Futures, NYMEX, Dubai (DME), LIFFE, Bombay, Hong Kong Futures, National Stock of India and GTIS Forex.

    Availability and Pricing:
    eSignal OnDemand is currently available. Prices begin as low as $24.95/month for end-of-day and delayed snapshot data in a single region. Covered regions include North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For additional information, call 510.723.1765 or visit:
  2. E-signal had its chance with me. They blew it. No more.
  3. What's wrong with big charts:D
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    Bummer that Esignal does not allow you to use that data in third party software...that's were you have to upgrade to Esignal Premiere.
  5. +1

    Their support people almost seem like they're trying to be as bad as they can be. I have never experienced anything like it. And just try to get someone to pick up the phone during market hours. Way worse than IB which has such a bad rep for CS around here.