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    For the eMini trader we are offering a new product called eSignal OnDemand Mini Futures.

    Working with the CME, you have to use one of our integrated trading partners Interactive Brokers (IB), PFG, MB Trading, or OptionsXpress, so there will be NO exchange fees with this product.

    It includes the full eSignal software, back fill data, EFS for advanced charting, trading for the charts, and the DOM display.

    It is priced at $45 per month. Check it out here:

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    does it include $TICK, NYSE Advancing/Declining Issues?
  3. Guessing there are no tick-charts, like the other on-demand products?
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    nkhoi & Pippi436,

    This release doesn't have the streaming Indexes, but we are adding that in to both this eMini version and Forex version of the OnDemand soon for this price.

    And you can combine this OnDemand Mini Futures and OD Forex together.

    The CME eMini contracts are tick by tick real time. All other data in the product is delayed 1 minute bars.

  5. Currently I do not have an account with either of the 4 brokers, I am with infinity. However, I am subscribed to your ondemand service. I am interested in this real time emini package. I assume with no broker accounts open with one of the 4 I'd have to pay the exchange fees? Whoich means the monthly price would be?
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    You have to have an account with one of the listed brokers since we can only waive the CME fees if there is an open trading account.

    But there is good news .... broker plug ins for Infinity, Transact, MF Global, Mirus, and Zenfire should all be available very soon.

    If there are other brokers users are interested in, let us know.

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  9. Nkhoi & Pippi

    Isn't is interesting that Chuck can't be bothered to respond to your comments and questions.

    What I think is going on, is that Esignal is intentionally marketing this very limited product hoping to bring in new customers who will find they need more features and will simply pay up instead of looking for another vendor.....In the marketing business its called "selling up". What they're betting on is that the "average" customer is too lazy (or ignorant) to look for a good alternative.

    and of course there's the issue of "customer service". As I posted a while back....When I decided not to pay up, Esignal's response was to say "screw you buddy". They then put my quote service on "delay" status (making it useless for day trading)....Rather than argue with them I simply moved on to Linnsoft....

    I don't know how the rest of you feel, but when a company displays this kind of "corporate culture" I won't do business with them again.

    Good luck
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    Actually we created this product at the request of some of our broker partners. They were looking for an integrated trading system with trading from the charts, one that had intraday backfill included as part of the offering, and back testing with continuous contracts.

    We also worked with the CME for five years to get the exchange fee waiver in place as it is with ISV's like Pats and TT to save all of our CME Globex customers from $30 to over $100 per month on fees.

    It now works with Mirus, IB, PFG, MB, and optionsXpress. More broker partners coming soon.

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