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    Hi all,

    Just a quick note to let all you Forex traders know of our new offering, eSignal OnDemand - Forex. Streaming Real-Time Forex data plus eSignal access for under $50! That includes Advanced Charts, EFS, Backtesting, Trading directly from charts, and

    On top of that, we're tossing in access to all the exchanges under one region... i.e. "North / South America", "Europe / Middle East / Africa" or "Asia / Pacific Rim".

    It's an amazing value. Head on over to the eSignal OnDemand - Forex home page and check it out today!
  2. Jay the website is a bit unclear about what it exactly does.

    Do i get access to all contributor specific FX data on a delayed basis or just to my specific contributor i have an account with?

    The broker suplies realtime streaming quotes while eSignal provides the backfill, is that right?
    Since OnDemand is a delayed product, do i have a 15 minute gap in realtime intraday charts then or will that be backfilled too?
    Are tick-based charts supported in this version?

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    Hi Pippi,

    The Forex data in the eSignal OnDemand - Forex product is streaming and in real-time for one contributor at a time. The data flows from the eSignal servers and is sync'd with the eSignal historical data. The choice of contributor is made in the eSignal preferences menu and all Forex symbols will change to that contributor.

    Regarding tick-level data, just as it is with all OnDemand accounts, tick-level data is only available to eSignal Premier accounts and up.
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    This is our lowest priced real time Forex service ever at $44.95. It includes the new integrated trading and trading from the charts with MB Trading, PFG Best, FXCM, and GAIN. This is the full software version of eSignal with our advanced charts and hundreds of EFS studies.

    Find out more here:

  5. Doesn't work with IB?
  6. Chuck_T

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    We have the integrated trading with IB, but we don't have their FX history data from IB but are working with them to add it.

    We have a few more integrated trading partners coming online in the next month also.

  7. When you say access to exchanges within a specific region are you saying this data is real time? Is it just for the indexes or does it include the equities as well?
  8. >Chuck T/Jay F

    A few months ago it was said that you were working on adding eSignal OnDemand data to eSignal Premier. Until such a time that joining the two becomes technically workable, could you consider giving eSignal Premier customers an extended or renewable free trial for eSignal OnDemand?

    Thank you for considering this,

  9. Chuck_T

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    Hi learner2007,

    We have things almost in place to make the happen and hope to release it on the next version. That will be a nice addition for all eSignal users.

  10. Thank you for the good news. Having access to all that data will be a big help in my lifelong market study, and will result in a lifetime subscription to eSignal !!!

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