eSignal on Mac/Intel

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by richardyu301, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. eSignal has been reluctant to develop a version working on iMac. I hv just posted a msg on their forum asking them to consider this again. Hope they will develop a version this time. Given their high mthly fee, it doesn't seem to be an unreasonable request. Hope many ppl will second this....
  2. nkhoi


    have you try to use Virtual PC/emulator on your Mac
  3. No, I am just a frustrated user of Wintel!!!! Virtual PC may be a solution but a real Apple version is better.
  4. jumbojack


    i'm tired of spyware with pcs running windows (just got one today by clicking on one of google's ads) and i'm really considering getting a mac. i saw that e-trade advertises that all their tools are mac compatible, is this who you use for your online trading? thanks. -jj
  5. One of the reasons I stopped using Esignal as my primary feed is this problem. They are not very responsive to requests.
  6. Chagi


    True, but hopefully what we will see once the new Intel-based Macs launch will be a new version of Microsoft's Virtual PC software that will run Windows apps at nearly full speed. The current emulation slowdown is primarily due to having to convert everything from x86 to PowerPC code.

    If this happens (and I think it will), there is a very good probability that I will never buy a Windows PC ever again. Traders will end up with a solid new platform choice with a much, much better emphasis on security than Windows is likely to ever have.