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  1. First, has anyone tried eSignal on Demand and if so, thoughts/comments please?

    Second, I've been subscriber to eSignal for over 20 yrs. however, with all free realtime data available from brokers now days, considering dumping them. Their charting package is falling behind the times more and more and their data charges continue to rise while they should be dropping and there customer and tech support service has become basically useless.

    I've found sources for everything I need, sans 2 data sets. I want to plot intraday, realtime advance-decline data as well as intraday adv-dec volume. I can't seem to locate a free source for that. yahoo Finance and Google Finance do not have option to plot and does not seem to offer that option either.

    Any suggestions??
  2. If you want realtime data, eSignal on Demand is not for you, this only offers delayed data ('delayed' on eSignal means 15-20 minutes as far as i remember).
  3. Chuck_T

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    Here is the information on this new product, eSignal On Demand. It is a non-real time charting system, meaning there are no exchange fees with this product. It charts both daily and intraday data with our Advanced Charts and hundreds of EFS studies. It covers both US stocks and futures and global markets starting at just $24.95 per month.

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    eSignal On Demand is both an End of Day and Intraday charting package. It comes with the eSignal software supporting back testing with replay mode and hundreds of EFS advanced charting studies.

    It covers all the world's major exchanges both US (NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, NYMEX), European (London, German, Eurex) , and Asian (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia). It has stocks, futures, and Forex.

    The trading integration is a part of this with the eSignal 10.1 version, so you can get Real Time prices and quotes from our trading partners Interactive Brokers, Ameritrade, FXCM, GAIN, PFG, optionsXpress and many others all on a new Depth of Market (DOM) display.

    Package includes data and software for $24.95 per month with no exchanges fees. It has 15+ year of history and 120 days on Interval data.

  5. Chuck

    Can regular esignal subscribers get free access to the delayed data of other exchanges?

  6. I had rt and started working days so i dropped esig all together . i went with stck charts (which i dropped) and q+3 eod . I picked up this package from esig (aprox $25 a mo.) and like it alot . So if you are happy with there charting and not doing real time then i would recomend it because it is basically the same as the real w/o the exchange fees .. Jake
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    We added the ability for all eSignal real time users to get End of Day charts on all markets last year. We had a lot of customers in Europe who requesting this because of the high exchange fees there.

    Adding the snap shot intraday charting for real time users in other markets is a good idea and I'll look into it.

    We also have 10.2 in final Beta and hope to release the Gold version by the end of the month.


  8. >Chuck

    This would definitely add to the attractiveness of eSignal for many real time and potential users. Being able to study and test in other markets before subscribing would be very valuable. And while such data is already available, I would much rather use it in eSignal than in brand X!!

    Thank you for considering this addition to eSignal.
  9. That's great Chuck.

    Do we just use the regular symbols for any market?