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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Magna, May 12, 2004.

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    Hopefully this will be a thread where eSignal users can post problems, quirks, etc. and get some help from other ET'rs or eSignal tech support. I have a continual annoyance with eSignal studies where the name of the study displays in the upper left of the study, and if the study allows editing follows the name with the user-selected information and sometimes odd information that I never selected. For instance, there is a CCI study that adds this to the upper left of the study:


    I'm sure it's done to always show the user what the study is along with its settings, but since I see the same study day in and day out I know what the study is. And the strange thing is it doesn't matter if I modify the code so that setStudyTitle is ("CCI") or (" CCI "), nor that I have the "14" hard-coded, nor that the method of computation (HLC/3) is hard-coded, etc. In other words, it seems random, sometimes it displays the above, sometimes it only displays CCI, sometimes it displays nothing. Usually it displays the longest lines that are most annoying when I edit the study (by right-clicking and selecting Edit Studies) but even then it's random, sometimes displaying, sometimes not. I would be happy to edit the EFS code if someone knows how to accomplish any of the following:
    1. display absolutely nothing in the upper left of the study (this is my first choice)
    2. display the study name but without all the added garbage to the right of it

    If there are any EFS coders out there who could explain how to prevent the items appearing in the parenthesis following the study name I'd appreciate it. And eliminating any and all characters from ever displaying would be even better. Thanks.
  2. Dion Loy

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    for #1:

    Right-click on your chart, select 'Properties'.
    Uncheck 'Draw Study Titles'.

    for #2:

    to turn off EFS parameters in the top left titles, add this to your preMain() function:


    Let me know if that helps, thanks.
  3. Magna

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    Thanks for your help Dion. The first suggestion did the trick, eliminating all that useless clutter which often overlaps a portion of the study blocking the view. Just out of curiosity I tried the second tip by itself and it failed to eliminate the EFS parameters. Needless to say I first closed the chart with the study, modified the code as suggested, saved it, then reopened the chart but the parameters were still on display. Oh well, not important because I get my wish of clearing out everything! Thanks again.
  4. I use tick charts all day long.

    Recently, my tick charts have become non-useable. They stick and delay up to over 20 seconds now.

    Esignal, of course, said that it was my computer. I agree that I am running a little low on power ( 512mg RAM and 600 something Intel processor) but not too low.

    The big thing is, why did the tick charts work ok a few weeks ago and now they are this bad AND why do they work better in the mornings sometimes than the afternoon. Is it really my computer ?

    Does anyone else use tick charts without any problem ? What are your computer specs ?
  5. Oh yeah, I only have 1 tick chart open, 1 interval chart and one time/sales window.

    That's it.
  6. JayF_eSignal

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    A 600Mhz processor is approximately 25% less than our Minimum Requirements. These are based on a number of comparative tests that we run on a variety of systems, and also feedback we receive into our Technical Support Department. We have seen that processors under 800Mhz, even with the smallest of layouts, can experience issues such as what you have described.

    There are a few other suggestions we can recommend that be checked in regards to this topic. Please check out this FAQ, which summarizes some of the other possible causes.
  7. tradersavvy -

    Kind of sounds like esignal's telling you that their software's a bloated pig and you need a bigger processor to drive the hog to market. :)