Esignal "not responding" and freezes

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Pirate Yarr, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. anyone else getting esignal freezing up and says "not responding " in task manager especially if you try to change stocks or adjust the scaling on the chart. It seems to happen when the market volume is extreme like today.

    I bought a new computer, so its not that that is causing the problem, same shit as with my old computer.
  2. A couple times today, when we had massive spikes (FED announcement, AIG news) I had my charts freeze for a few seconds but then resumed ok. Sure its a bit annoying but not nearly as bad as Esignal was like 6 months ago when on slow days I was getting the wrong volume reading and bars were delayed in forming.
  3. I haven't had any of the old freezing since switching to the 10.1 release. The thing I like best is the way that time and sales doesn't try to pull in the whole day. It was a great change and allowed me to look at symbols like AIG without having to wait for the full day's data to fill in.


  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    As Paul references, we made several key changes in our latest releases to help with performance during busy days. We have more work to do but if you're not on 10.1, we'd suggest you try that.

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    I have experienced esignal data disruption on a weekly basis for the last two months. Almost once or twice every week the data streaming would halt and my data lost alarm would set off and I would have to disconnect and reconnect to esignal.

    What the hell is happening with esignal? It used to be better and the last two months had been the worst. I'm very pissed with the reliability not to mention esignal data is 1 or 2 seconds slower than most other data feed.
  6. well, its a little better today , it was just a little slow off the open, it didnt freeze and not respond like usual, thankfully.

    I am actually on Esignal beta version 10.2 trying to solve this issue.

    My computer uses vista 64 bit o/s, 2.5 GB of Ram, 2.20 GHz , AMD Quad core processor. I specifically bought this computer so I wouldnt have anymore issues with esignal freezing, it seems to happen less now, but still goes on. This is very frustrating.
  7. Just thought I would post that Esignal support was very helpfull and actually called me to help figure this issue out.

    So far things seem to working properly, but either way, I think good customer service deserves some recognition.
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    Thanks Pirate for your post and for sharing your positive experience with our service department.

    On the subject at hand, we are taking the reports of freezing seriously and recognize that some users are experiencing this symptom during peak market hours. We are actively working on bringing full support for multi-threading in eSignal, which will make a significant improvement for multi-core PC's. We are expecting this to be in place by the first half of 2009.

    Some benefits of moving up to eSignal 10.2 is better performance, lower memory and optimized bandwidth usage during peak times. We also have some intelligent quote handling processes that makes a significant difference during peak periods and is only available to users of 10.1 or greater.
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    Jay: where is the download for 10.2. I do not see it on E-Signals website. Thanx.
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