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  1. I want to set a simple alert with my Esignal software.
    When the ADX value is above 28, I would like a nice little, simple audio alert.

    You can not do this on Esignal with the existing software download. This elaborate technology can not do this simple thing. I don't believe this.

    I chatted online with Esignal online Tech support and they could not help.
    I spoke with a Rep and he could not help.
    Their suggestion was to post a question on the web site's message boards. Uh, ok. So basically cry out to the world for help and see if someone hears ??
    Well, I actually did this. (in desperation) No response. (4 weeks ago)

    Edit: You can create the alert if you are a programmer. Wow, now that really helps me out !!!! I'm sure most customers are programmers.

    If someone can tell me how to do this I will shut the heck up and move on.
    Otherwise, I will ask, can this alert be done on other softward, like Tradestation, etc ?

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    "Otherwise, I will ask, can this alert be done on other softward, like Tradestation, etc ?"

    This can be done in Tradestation but their customer service isn't any better.:mad:
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    While it's true that we don't directly assist with custom EFS script requests via our Techncial Support group, we have set-up a variety of methods for getting help, including the use of the eSignal Central Bulletin Boards.

    Here's a complete list of ways to get help with EFS.

    I also just did a quick search using the words Alert and ADX on the Bulletin Boards and get several threads discussing this very topic. You'll also see a few EFS files to choose from as well.

  4. To all posters:
    I guess that it is a matter of experience, and as I get a little older, I am more cynical and less tolerant of this kind of marketing crap.

    The truth of the matter is that in meetings, people who make decisions at companies like Signal say to each other, "what can we do (short of spending the money to hire and train people to really solve problems) to make it look as though we are responsive to customer requests?

    Some bright person raises their hand and says "lets start a users forum. When we can't immediately solve the customer's problem, we can refer them back to the population of customers already using Esignal. That way we look as though we are responsive, even though we don't have the resources to solve the problem". This is a very common strategy that works because they know that the majority of customers are too complacent to pick up their feet and move thier business to another vendor.

    "Smoke and mirrors" from folks who are trying to do more with less employees.
  5. I´ve been using Tradestation and ESignal for quite some time now. As I spent pretty much time with learning Easy Language I didnt want to spend the same amount of time for EFS.

    So when I had a question concerning the code of an indicator (definately a beginner question) I posted my question on the esignalcentral bulletin board and had a reply within 30 minutes from an ESignal representative.
    Since I needed further details and answers, I left some more messages on in the same thread and NEITHER answer took more than an hour.

    I dont know how you posed your question, tradersaavy. But lots of people seem to forget that if they ask like an asshole, it could happen that they´re ignored (which is - imo - justified).

    Furthermore, lots of people seem to forget that there is a search-function in most message boards (this is also true for ET), which is mainly due to lazyness. Yes, it takes more time to flip through some threads, instead of getting the answer delivered on a silver plate.

    Also (maybe Esignal should get this on their website in a clear way) you can not expect to get the right answer from the wrong department: - EFS coding, functional tech support. data issues tec.
    esignalchat - technical issues with installation etc.
    phone hotline - subscription issues etc.

    Posing an EFS - question to the esignalchat is like asking your math teacher a question about a history...think about it....

  6. karabugla,

    Thanks, but your reply, like all Esignal alternatives so far, has produced nothing.

    The reason that I am so aggravated is because of all of the (non-lazy) time that I have spent searching for the ADX alert.

    Simply put: "user friendly" does not apply to Esignal for anything outside of most standard features.

    I have done an EFS search for what I need, posted a question NICELY, spoken with an esignal rep, chatted with an esignal rep online and posted on bulletin boards.

    IMHO this is a ridiculous hunt to find out what should be a simple task.

    I tried one of the ADX efs alerts that I found on the search.
    It does not perform the way that I would like it to. You can not "edit studies" to make it perform the way that I need it to. You have to go into that language crap.

    My point is: if you need to go into language editing to do what IMHO should be simple tasks, Esignal is not for you.
  7. I didnt want to insult you (when stating the 'if you ask like an asshole...'), I just wanted to give something to think about, because LOTS of people do not think about it.

    Changing parameters of an EFS study should be made easier to access - this is something that bothers me from time to time as well.

    As I said, my experience with the bulletin boards was positve so far, and I hope the next will be as well.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for you - spending hours trying to get something to work / searching for something is frustrating and gets me aggrevated too.

    Happy Easter,

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    Try Ensign, setting up alerts is a snap.