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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Chuck_T, Jan 5, 2002.

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  1. I stopped using E-Signal for several reasons

    1. Symbol limits- This is totally BS how dare this company try to charge extra for more than 100 or so stock symbols. By the way I couldn't even put in more than 75 stocks in.

    2. No Fib lines and I don't think there will be any time soon.

    3. No ability to put pair spreads in.

    4. Basically no filter capability except for the BS ones they have and they charge extra for it.
    #11     Jan 6, 2002
  2. vikana

    vikana Moderator


    would you mind sharing what quote service you now use?
    #12     Jan 6, 2002
  3. I switched to Real Tick. But if money was no object First Alert is by far the best and I'd be surpise if anyone who is familar with first Alert would disagee. I also Like AT financial.
    #13     Jan 6, 2002
  4. mrbud


    Scott, thanks for the reply. I'll check out the new symbol counter.

    If it's true that they are counting all the stocks that were looked at in a day, ...that is crazy. They will lose a lot of business. If I jump from chart to chart until I find one I like and then just leave it up, they still counted all the charts that I am no longer viewing ?

    I would recommend a change.
    #14     Jan 7, 2002
  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    eSignal does NOT count each symbol that was historically entered and since deleted. It's simply counting the total number of unique symbols among the windows active at any give time.

    If you are running an older version of eSignal, please upgrade to the latest version (6.2) as the process of deleting symbols from the Data Manager has been improved.

    To see the symbols counting against the 50, 100, 500 or 1000 symbol threshold you're subscribing to, simply go into the Data Manager, click on Data, then Symbols. Make sure all the boxes are checked on the right side under "view by". As a little test to make sure the deleting process is working correctly, go back into eSignal, choose Window from the menu, then close all. Then go back into the DM and bring up Data, then the Symbols box again. In the summary box at the bottom, you should have zeros for Selected, Total and DM.

    Hope this information helps. If you still have any questions about symbol counting or the above test does not work as described, please contact our Technical Support group at 1-800-762-7538 or via our online Chat service:

    Thank you
    #15     Jan 7, 2002
  6. Shortee,

    Using NeoTicker, you have Fib lines, you can put in spreads, and there is a high power scanner.

    And it works with eSignal.
    Of course there are other 3rd party tools too.


    #16     Jan 8, 2002
  7. tuna


    Scott,I'm on 6.2....Heres the problem we're talking about and its been the same on all versions.
    From a fresh start i'm viewing 80 tickers ok whether they be quotes or charts.
    The problem arises once i start scrolling down the drop down box of my main chart,looking at charts of previously entered symbols...
    Ok so i still only have 80 onscreen("viewing 80") but the data manager is saying because i've "looked" at 100 you gotta delete.
    What Vikana is saying is the same as what i'm saying
    "Ditto here. It appears that the DataManager counts all unique symbols you've looked at during the day. It doesn't matter if you're not looking at it any more - it still is being counted. This is clearly not a resonable interpretation of the "100 symbols" we're paying for. "

    Using my case as an example i am still only pulling data for 80 symbols at once... not 100 like the data manager is telling me i am.
    If i had entered 20 new tickers into the quote list that were still present sure but thats not the case.
    #17     Jan 9, 2002
  8. dll


    Can anyone from esignal tell us when the new version will be released? The one with the new charts.

    Also, will you be able to decide how many bars each chart shows? as opposed to the current setup where you must view day(s) at a time.

    #18     Jan 9, 2002
  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    The symbols you add to your drop down list DO count against your symbols total. The reason is so you can quickly go back and forth between them and not have to reload from the server each time. If you add symbols to the MRU (Most Recently Used) list that are also in your quote window, those don't count twice, just each unique symbol.

    In 6.2, you can right click in the symbol box to bring up the MRU editor. If you hit "clear", you'll clear those symbols from the list and the DM. With this new Symbol List editor, you can also create multiple lists and save them. Ofcourse, each time you bring a list up, the unique symbols on that list count against your symbol count. Hope this helps.

    From your posting, I assume you would have preferred us to program so that only the current symbol in the drop down list counted against your total symbol count?

    #19     Jan 9, 2002
  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Our goal is to have an early preview/alpha version out ASAP, most likely within 3-5 weeks. And yes, although I have not had much time to use the new in-house version yet, I am pretty sure you can adjust the # of bars for each day. After having seen the new application for just a few minutes, I'm already convinced customers will be very, very pleased.

    #20     Jan 9, 2002
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