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    I have just tried the new 10.3 version of eSignal.

    It is amazing how these guys can go from bad to worst.

    In old version you could easy sort either by change, name or whatever you want by clicking on any field. I use summary windows for stocks and futures lists. New version does not load data as before. Therefore, when you sort, the portion of securities that is not visible on the screen is not updated. This creates incorrect sequence in sorted lines, which is practically useless.

    I always felt that eSignal is a rip-off. However, for many years got used to their platform. It’s probably time to move on. Any suggestion?
  2. Same here... got into eSignal 5 days ago and my computer has crashed multiple times already... installed the "release candidate" version it was a nightmare, downgraded to the previous version and the machine crashes all the time.... incredible...

    Considering RealTick -- any thoughts?

    Tested QuoteTracker -- nice and good but I'm concerned about their future developments... don't want to get attached to a platform that I have to change over the next 1-2 years... it seems the language used to develop QuoteTracker is very old (I'm guessing Pascal?)...
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We have added hibernation with 10.3 so symbols not on your active screen aren't chewing up bandwidth.

    Manual sorting is only using the active symbols displayed but there are two fairly easy workarounds. You can either turn on auto-sort (click on summary/quote, then auto sorting, then check the box) or simply add any global alert (adding alerts turns off hibernation as all symbols have to be tracked to trigger alerts).

    Hope that helps.
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    Ditto , same here, Had Esignal for 7 years, too few hiccups to even bring up. Check your compuetr, and only trade on one computer and watch Japanamation porn on the other..

  5. I just upgraded and love this hibernation feature. I used to have to keep separate pages with my symbol lists to avoid going over my symbol limit. Now I can have them all in the same window and never even come close to my limit since I can only see about 50 symbols at a time.

    Also glad to see that my resources are nice and low again with this release. It's nice to see the releases coming out at a regular pace after such a long time without anything. I hope this keeps up.

  6. I've been playing with the sorting now that I have all my symbols in a single page and I'm not seeing the problem you mention. When I sort on any field, the entire window sorts and then the symbols that are out of view hibernate. It's definitely not just sorting the ones in view. I don't think you even need to bother with Scott's suggestion about turning on the auto sorting unless you really want the sorting to continue to update. For me, I just usually sort once or twice on different fields to see the top and bottom symbols and then put it back in alpha order.

  7. Your "fears" are totally overblown.

    From the QuoteTracker website:

    "QuoteTracker is written in Delphi where as the error is a C++ error. The only things we use that are written in C++ are the Internet Explorer components and standard Windows components. "

    Jerry Medved ( the developer ) at Quotetracker is awesome!
  8. How are my "fears" overblown? Delphi is dea... oh no, not dead sorry, Borland Delphi is only the "14th" most popular programming language according to TIOBE Programming Community Index ( ...

    now, imagine if they have to rewrite it... what would you choose today? My guess would be .NET or Java...

    No offense to Jerry and his team, QT is a great product... just pointing out the fact that it will need to be migrated at some point...
  9. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    gr8stock, et al,

    Scott is correct. The data eSignal has in memory it will sort on, however if you have some symbols that are hibernated and haven't pulled in the data via dragging them into view, then eSignal will not sort those. We are planning on improving this logic in a future release, so this extra step of loading the data in memory isn't needed.

    Keep in mind this can all be remedied easily with a simple work-around. Turn on Auto-sorting as seen in the below animation and hibernation is turned off for that Quote Window; the downside of course is that symbols off your screen will take up resources, but this is needed if an active sort is required for your trading.

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    Thank you Jay and Scott for the response. The work around you suggested solved the problem. Oh well.. probably will continue paying mega-bucks for eSignal. Its like addiction, once you get used to it, difficult to quit. LOL
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