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  1. Dear all eSignal's User,

    I have been using eSignal for 5 years, recently, I found that there are so many bad ticks or wrong data from eSignal, no matter for futures or stocks. I had emailed to inform them few times for weeks, but nobody replied and nothing resovled.

    Here are some facts:

    Problem 1.

    CME -- Eurodollar futures (GE Z6)
    - there are so many wrong ticks day by day on their Interval
    Chart, attached a GIF file named "EuroDollar Futures (GE Z6)",
    you would see both IB's and eSignal's charts, compare the difference during May 18.
  2. Probme 2.

    Euronext Equities -- Total (FP-PAR)
    - All price data before May 18 are above EUR $200 on their Interval Chart, this is totally incorrect. Total's share price has never higher than $100 since listed. Attached an Interval Chart from eSignal named "Total (FP-PAR) & OBX Index 25" for your reference.
    (Total (FP-PAR) is the largest constituent and with the largest market capitalization in DJ Euro STOXX 50 Index and in CAC 40 index, it is pretty that eSignal had made fault on such important data.)
  3. Problem 3.

    General Indices -- OSL's OBX Indeks 25, Oslo Bors Benchmark Index and Spain's $IBC-MAC
    - there are so many obvious bad data on their interval charts. For example, from eSignal's chart, Norway(OSL)'s OBX Indeks 25, its average price above 1000' before Apr 21, but OBX Indeks 25 has never higher than 800 points in history. Atthached some GIF files named "Total(FP-PAR) & OBX Index 25" and "$IBC-MAC & Oslo Benchmark Index" for reference.
  4. Problem 4.

    Some Euroenext Equities's price data Less than 20 days
    - for example, Euronext Equities -- Vivendi (Viv-PAR), eSignal only provides the last 18 days of their historical price data, although they claimed they are providing up to 60 days of historical stock price data. Attached file "Vivendi(VIV-PAR) for reference.

    In the almost 5 years, I am quite satisfied being an eSignal customer. Even last Friday's "3-Hrs Server Down" Event, I don't blame on eSignal because of an Intentional attack by third parties.

    But after informing eSignal by emails few times for a series of the above problems, got no response and nothing resolved, with new problmes occurs days by days, my confidence to eSignal is down, I don't know if eSignal can provide at least correct and clean data, (reliability and stability would be too high expectation).

    Please share your views and experiences on using eSignal.


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    Remember IB aggregates ticks. Their tick charts will look different than TradeStation’s or eSignal's.
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    These issues have been escalated to senior representatives from our London office. They will investigate this first thing on Monday morning. Just as a reminder, for support/data issues it is best to post these on eSignal Central Forums vs. Elite as we have more staff looking at our own forums. Thanks.
  7. Yes by all means don't post these inflamatory items here where the public can see them.:D
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    Yo, Jay just trying to help out. Let's reward good behavior.
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    in fast moving markets my esignal tick data has been lagging for months on my dual high speed redundant connections and at 2 remote out of state sites I use - only IB tick data is rock solid - and yes esignal, i tried from 3 different locations in 3 different states and the same thing - slowwww....i don't know why i'm complaining they could care less about long term customers.
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