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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader3, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I love esignal, but there are some problems with the coding. One glaring problem I've encountered is that when you have the application spread out over multiple monitors and you maximize one window you cannot go back to the original window configuration. Each window you make active now covers the whole screen area. I figured out a way to get the original window configuration back a few months ago, but cannot remember how I did it.

    I know I can tile all the windows and resize them, but I did figure out an easy work around to get all the windows back to the correct size and location, but it escapes me and of course it is a Friday evening and tech support won't be open all weekend.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    I figured out the answer to my own question, but I think I'll post the answer in case someone else has the same problem. (Plus it will be here for the next time I forget and I can look it up : ) )

    The answer is to go to the window menu and select the top most offending window and close it. All the other windows should be in their correct positions and then you can reopen the closed window. Then you can exit all and save and reopen the application.
  2. Thanks for answering your own question. I too have had this problem.

    I have also have a problem with a charts seems to get lost. I go to windows and activate it and nothing. I close it and open it back up and nothing. If I delete the chart and make a new one with a different name everthing is fine.
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    I don't know if this helps, but I had similar problems with layouts I had spread out over multiple monitors that I had messed up. I simply keep my layouts under multiple names so if I mess one up I just reopen the same layout, which I have saved under a different name, and create another duplicate.
  4. I also find that you need to save each individual window (chart, quote, etc) as well as the entire layout. If you don't sometimes the child windows don't re-load as expected. I've had that problem going back to versions 6.x

    Even after saving all the child windows often times when you exit the layout it will still ask "Save" as if you hadn't saved it before.

    Oh and one more thing: DO NOT attempt to change any Windows desktop settings while esignal is spread across multiple monitors or for some strange reason the layout will shrink down to the main monitor's dimensions and absolutely ball up the layout.
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    For years I've used MetaStock Pro for charts with eSignal data feed, and I never have any of the problems ETers complain about using eSignal charts. (No CPU hogging, either)

    I usually have about 10 charts open at once... no problems with windowing or layouts. Works just like it's supposed to... smooth as a gravy sandwich.
  6. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We've got a new feature planned for our next release, 7.3, that will make using eSignal on multiple monitors much easier and more flexible. With 7.3, you'll be able to "pop-out" or "un-dock" any window type so it can float outside the eSignal applcation frame. The system will even remember the location of each popped-out window when you save the layout.

    We expect to officially release 7.3 at some point in April.

    Current customers can sign-up and download the beta on the eSignal Central beta thread.