Esignal massively lagging today

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by opm8, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. opm8


    Anyone else's Esignal data out of whack by like 3 points in today's run up after FOMC? :mad: What a piece of crap.

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  3. this sucks big time.....
  4. opm8


    I'm online with a live rep, let's see what story they feed me...

    She's saying "we are trying to discover now why this is happening " because they didn't even know they had a problem, I'll bet. Nice.
  5. Definitely less than ideal.
  6. 9999


    Agree, my charts are also completely screwed up. Spikes up and down like crazy. And to think that they're raising the subscription...
  7. lagging horribly here also w/ esig. 20mins after fomc announcement and still lagging.
  8. opm8


    Here's the official status thread as given to me by the Esignal live rep:

    As of 11:40 Pacific time it has a boilerplate problem statement.


    UPDATE: since I can't trade I might as well post some info. The live rep said "When the problem is resolved please come back to support for any credit requests." I want to make sure Esignal is taken to task for this f-up. If you saw problems today then make sure to get a credit. I have no idea what they will be offering but there's power in numbers. If they lose a few $$ today maybe it'll prod them to change.
  9. tomcole


    esignal sucked BIG time today - you should email your sales rep and tell them how pissed you are, how it cost you money and ask if esignal will increase their bandwidth to deal with data surges like today.

    If any esignal folks read this, why dont you act like adults and respond with some comments, instead of some double-speak that only pisses off customers and forces them to migrate to other platforms.

  10. I have noticed this at other times too when the market has picked up. The CME products get messed up prints on all the products I am looking at. Eurex and CBOT data seem ok. Between that and my execution dropping, it was definitely not worth the wait of sitting around all day sitting on my hands.
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