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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Chuck_T, May 7, 2003.

  1. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Now available, real time streaming stock and futures with new streaming charts. Includes the CME's emini, the CBT's emini Dow, and One Chicago's Single Stock Futures.

    Free trial for 30 days:

  2. MarkBrown


    Hello Chuck Thompson,

    Recently eSignal has done away with the mail list in favor of a bulletin board. That board is sensored to the max, towards favorable comments and do not include hardly any negative comments.

    To make any product better there needs to be open communication amongst us users so that we can exchange ideas and comments about the eSignal products. I don't think eSignal wants to face some of the problems which crop up from time to time. They want to just paint a rosie picture and make us all think our problems are isolated to us, our computers, our internet connection. See if they can divide us then they can conquer us.

    Anyway one of the problems with the email groups was that you received a bunch of spam. I have run various email list for years and believe in free speech unlike most market related vendors. I have created a email list for eSignal users and there are many subscribed already. I will never spam you and I will be vigilant about keeping spammers off the list. This is your list the peoples list, I am just the host and it's provided by me for free to any who wish to participate.

    I have invited eSignal staff to participate as well. To subscribe go to

    If you have any problems at all just email me direct and I will help you.

    Let's all work to make eSignal deliver what we pay them for.

    Best regards,
    Mark Brown
  3. MarkBrown


    Have a look at this

    Chuck Thompson! Your eSignal has either a buffer overflow problem or a server with a bad time set. Have a look at the screen shots today of your quotes which were 30 minutes behind

    The upper and right charts are data and the lower and left charts are of eSignal. Just after the high of the day in the emini sp eSignal just went berserk it was updating and had a connection but it was alternating between good and current prices, plotting on a time axis 30 minutes in the past with old data prices mixed in.

    I have reported and you fixed a similar problem when a server had a bad time stamp. That was verified by myself and others, and you fixed it after much work on our part to make you understand you even had a problem.

    You know you are selling real time data which in fact is not it is delayed. I can tolerate some delay from you as I only have non exchange direct data as a back up. However you need to look into this problem and get back with me, what you plan to do.

    Also you recently did away with the eSignal email list at Yahoo so you could sensor and control what users are saying about your products. I have recreated a free non communist run mail list for all eSignal subscribers to share their knowledge of your products at

    I would encourage everyone who uses eSignal products to subscribe and I would invite even Chuck Thompson to himself subscribe so that you may know what the real world is thinking and saying about your products and performance

    Chuck feel free to report your findings here on one the new free eSignal mail list not run by eSignal.

    more pics
    This message contains fact's and if it is removed - you can bet that it is for commercial reasons, Mark Brown

    eSignal needs to fix it's problems - But first they have to admit they have one.
  4. Dude.. Markbrown... seems like you have an axe to grind.

    Get a life.

    Esignal is great for what it does... what do you expect for around $100-200 a month... as far as reliability goes esignal is better than its competitors.. qcharts, realtick...

    If you want something better just cancel esignal and pay much more money for something on the higher end...

    No one is forcing you to use Esignal... get something else.. and shut up already...

  5. whowah


    Will Market Center's data feed work with metastock pro like esigal does ?

  6. . . . good question - also what about QCollector?
  7. Hi,

    Thank you for your post. MarketCenter is a browser based application for which the data would not be available to use in other applications.