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  1. For esignal staff or anyone else in the know:

    1) How many days are supposed to show up on a profile chart. Today I'm getting 7 days including today. In days past I've gotten more and less. 20 days is really the minimum to be fully useful. I'm don't understand why you wouldn't get all the intraday data available. I"ve played with the time templates, and there appears to be some variation between templates. I use the dynamic setting, yet if I drag the chart to the right, it just shows blank white space with no date info.

    2) It's driving me nuts to stretch the vertical scaling everytime I change the chart symbol. I've played with the set tick increment box, to no avail. I'd love to know what the settings are supposed to do, they don't appear to cause any changes.

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    As Market Profile is built directly of off Tick Data, only 10 days is available. As far as why you are only seeing 7 days, this is likely a result of the recent Tick Server issues mentioned here. A work-around for this situation is to create a new Time Template that specifies exactly 10 days of data. Below is an example.


    Regarding the vertical scaling, may I suggest trying out the Auto-Scale feature. To turn this on, right-click the Market Profile Chart, select Scaling --> Auto Scale. If this is not to your liking, then turn that off, and you can force the tick increment to hold in place by right-clicking, selecting Set Tick Increment, and then put a check mark in Force Tick. To clarify, Tick Factor is taking the number of minimum ticks for each letter (i.e. 2 for ES would be .50), and Tick Value is assigning a direct numerical value for each letter in the distribution. Here's an example of a US Bond chart.

  3. Thanks Jay, I'll try these things out. Would the tick server issues effect a daily chart. My daily of ES #F=2, as of this morning, is missing the bars between 1/7 and today.
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    The data from daily charts are served by a different server. I don't seem to be having any problems getting ES #F=2 data. Could you try refreshing your chart (Ctrl + green Ok), or perhaps check the Time Template to make sure you're not limiting the number of bars at all.