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    What are the differences in the exchange fees listed for market depth for nasdaq stocks?

    NASDAQ Level II (U.S.)
    NASDAQ ViewSuite: PowerView (U.S.)
    NASDAQ ViewSuite: TotalView (U.S.)

    Is there an add. $50 fee for having market depth in addition to the exchange fees and eSignal fees?

  2. If you don't subscribe with an annual package you have an additional 50$/month for to connect at the Level II, after you have another addtionnal fee starting at about 20$/month for the basic L2 service and you can go up over 100$/month with the most complete level. These fees are cumulative and you have also the fees for the exchange. With eSignal, you should condering strongly to have annual plan if you want the L2, because this plan will drop the first fee (50$/month for the connection).
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    That seems awfully pricy. Any other vendors to get this from?

    I also would like to know what the differences are between the different level 2 products. Total view, quoteview, etc, etc.

  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We have a series of FAQ's on this subject that should explain the key differences between these NASD services. You

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    Seems very expensive and confusing.

    If I am correct, the only difference with the higher priced ones verus basic level II is the fact that it will show "hidden" reserve in the market depth, but not who it is?

    For instance if GSCO is at the best offer at 19.30, and showing 100 shares, but has an additonal 4900 in reserve for a total of 5000, it will show 100 next to GSCO but in the top it will show that level as having 5000? Or is this only if more than 1 participant is at that level?

    Very confusing. I was at a market maker before, and we did not have this at all. We were part of supermontage however.

  6. Can someone please post up a market depth window so that I may download it and use it's layout??

    Mine are totally retarded looking and I can't get them to look normal...they are WAY too goddamn big and when I try to make them smaller (normal size) I lose everything including quotes and B/A and just get a black screen. Talk about annoying.

    I've got 7.4 b607 but this has been a problem all along and I am fed up with this default behavior because it is annoying.

    The attachment is a snapshot of how big I need to make the market depth window just to be able to see the B/A area and the ticker...

    The next two posts I make will show what happens when I make the window smaller and how it makes all the B/A and ticker data disappear...
  7. I make the window smaller and the black void sticks around but all the data disappears to the left...
  8. Make the window even smaller (like the size I actually want it to be) and all the data is gone and all I've got is black void...
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    Here's the smallest I could feasibly get it. You could make it even smaller by removing the Time column (right-click columns to do so.) If you need the Ticker, you can add it back by selecting Market Depth Options. The file can be downloaded from here.

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    Bungrider, the same thing drove me crazy for a few days until I figured it out. There is a way to do it. If you haven't figured it out yet, pm me and I'll try to explain.

    Jay, he's talking about the TOS section of the levII.
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