eSignal Market Data API?

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  1. Tcl


    Anyone used eSignal Market Data API?

    Is it a retail product available for individual traders?
    How much does it cost?

    I actually sent eSignal an email asking about that, but they didnt reply

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think there's a $195 setup fee and then $20 per month.
    You can't download extended historical data via the API, plus they will question you what you want to use it for, so you don't use too much data. They don't give entitlements to just anyone.
    If you develop a commercial app to use the API, before distributing it you must pay them $2500 in addition.

    You can get streaming live ticks by using a .Net DLL they have, without the API. I tried it once and it worked, but it's not easy to use. Can't remember the details of how i hacked that out at the moment, though. I just did it for fun, but i don't use the API any more.
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    Well, I got the email reply from eSignal,
    and they told me that they do not provide the API for individual traders, because of the exchange cost and additional level of support they provide for API
  4. Maybe they just didn't like you. They're horrible like that. It's a stupid business model and I have no idea what they're trying to achieve with it. The more applications can use the API the greater the chance there will be some useful ones others will want to buy, thus more subscribers they will get. They're absolutely doing it wrong for not giving out the API for free.

    They shood look at endless excel sheets and small projects lots of people use with the IB API, which has surely attracted customers towards IB to some extent.
  5. zbojnik


    They told me the same.