eSignal Launches New Integrated Marketing Campaign for Its Trading Platform

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    eSignal Launches New Integrated Marketing Campaign for Its Trading Platform

    HAYWARD, Calif., September 6, 2012 – eSignal, an Interactive Data company and leading provider of real-time trading solutions for professional and individual traders, today launched a new integrated marketing campaign: "The Power to Trade Anytime Anywhere". The campaign will feature a series of TV, print and digital advertising components and a simulated trading contest with the opportunity to win prizes and cash by visiting

    The new marketing campaign emphasizes an expanded suite of product features and enhancements in eSignal's upcoming 11.5 version, including a unique collection of top charting and tools that integrate with the trade execution of multiple brokers.

    Other key features of eSignal 11.5 include:

    Alert Ticker
    This new window provides tremendous value across multiple pages. It captures a variety of triggered alerts and centralizes them in one easy-to-use area.

    Volume Delta
    This chart identifies key price levels within a specific time period to see which side of the market has the most control.

    Market Profile
    Invented by Peter Steidlmayer, the Market Profile chart depicts the distribution of prices throughout a trading day to find the relative shape of the market, enhanced in 11.5 to help futures traders better interpret shifts in price direction.

    eSignal Futures Trader
    The trading integration function of eSignal Futures Trader now has connections to over 50 Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) and 40 worldwide exchanges. Clients can benefit from a lower cost exchange fee structure.

    eSignal, an Interactive Data company, delivers time-sensitive financial information to active individual traders. For more information, please visit or call 1.800.833.1228 or 1.510.723.1765. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    To view eSignal's latest ad campaign, visit YouTube.

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