Esignal lagging again!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NYSEtrader123, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. My esignal is lagging again today. I tried to restart, but that didn't help.

    Anybody else having problems? I sure hope they get things fixed soon.
  2. nope, mine has been ok since all those issues a few weeks back.
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    no problems here
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  5. Been with Esignal for so long I cant remember but this is garbage, every time there is big volume and at open and close almost every day the whole thing is behind. Total garbage!!!

    I got a good response from them as well. They hope to have it fixed by the end of 2008 and thank you for your support.

    Support my crack.

  6. problem over here too.
  7. I don't know what you guys are doing wrong, but I've had eSignal and Metastock Pro for charting for nearly 10 years. I've RARELY had a problem with quote delays nor uptime.... even when I connected to eSignal through dialup. I don't get it. ??
  8. It lags daily; not all the time, but usually during volume and price spikes. The spikes don't have to be obscene either, like a Fed meeting day spike. I'm talking about normal daily activity that should be handled easily. I've noticed the problem for months.

    Their customer service system status message board is outdated and reports "sporadic reports of delays".

    I think they need to be called every day that anyone experiences the problem so they understand the severity.

    I don't understand why some wouldn't have the issue. Perhaps they are making network updates that have not been propagated to everyone yet.
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    I hv had esignal since the early 90's (when you had to hook to cable). I strongly feel it was a much better product in years past. I hv similar problems lately including charts slow in coming up, lagging feed etc.

    I now also run Quotetracker with IQ feed. I feel much more confident with the QT/IQ feed combination for my trading decisions.

    Although I can't justify keeping esignal, I've become so used to using it that it is second nature. So....... I will keep it. However if I were chsing today, no way would I take esignal compared to what is available in todays mkt.
  10. I've complained about this on this thread and others.

    This was a problem this week, and today - always when the market is moving, which of course, is when both danger and opportunity are greatest.

    I'm trying something different for the rest of the month, and if it doesn't have the same problems, I'll pitch eSignal next month. Enough already.
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