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  1. Is anyone else having problems with Esignal lagging on the emini's by as much as 1-2mins whenever there is any decent volume? This last week has been terrible. :mad:
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    What's new? As soon as Ensign is ready for the DTN-Iq feed i dump e-signal.:)
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    I've just noticed it the last 2 days. Very annoying. I totally dig their charting, but if their quotes are going to do that I'm dumping them.
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    I have not noticed any ES quote delays over the last few days. I have eSignal ES and JTrader side-by-side.
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    Ok this is starting to get really annoying. There were at least 4 times this morning where my esignal emini chart was lagging at least 20 seconds or so behind my IB quotes, and it wasn't even that Bin Laden sons thing. This morning was kinda crazy for me, so I don't have the details documented, but if it continues to happen, you can bet I will post more detail.

    Anyone else have trouble this morning?
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  8. Biomech,

    Although I'm not sure which was lagging, I did notice a few times this morning that esignal's ES quotes were not matching IB's. I THOUGHT esignal may have been lagging IB by about 5 seconds, but I'm not sure.
  9. Esignal is definitely lagging behind IB at times. I have noticed this for the last couple of months. Before they were rock solid for me.

    How do I know Esignal was lagging IB, because IB is showing a higher price by 3 - 4 ticks and Esignal's chart data hasn't even gotten that high yet.

    I am going to try DTN IQ, they have a free 7 day trial, just have to pay for Globex fee's.

    Anybody got any other data vendor suggestions to use with Ensign?

    best of luck,

    Bruce Hawkins
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    From this thread on eSignal Central Forums.

    There was an issue this morning that was causing the e-mini data to fall behind other providers. Our Operations Team located the issue, and it was resolved shortly thereafter.

    Regarding any delays seen before this morning, our engineers are working to identify and iron out any further kinks.

    Jay F.
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