Esignal Lag Today 9-15-08

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flipflopper, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone else getting nasty lag today?
  2. Haven't had any issues since the lastest upgrade, thankfully.
  3. Damn... This is my first lag day since the upgrade too.

    Been profits too damn quick on my scalps.

    I wonder what the hell is wrong.
  4. tallpaw


    No lag here today. I switched backed to 8.0 when I upgraded to 10.0 (see my previous posts). Have not upgraded to the current version of 10.1 that was updated on 7-16-2008, that is on ESignal's website. Swordsman, did you upgrade from 8.0? And if you haven't had any problems, maybe I will upgrade to the new version and see if I get any lags on 10.1. Thanx for your input.
  5. 10.0 was a nightmare, 10.1 has been fine for me. Yes went from 8.0-10.0 back to 8.0 then to 10.1.

  6. Ok... it must be me.
  7. ndjeff7


    I had some pretty bad lag at the open with NYSE data but globex and nasdaq all seemed fine the whole time. I'm also running 8.0 still.
  8. milnarf


    I got lags in the new Russell TF all morning. I called E-signal and they were cluless to the problem. I use 10.1.
  9. I find it funny, that a program that isnt really that cheap is having all of these lags. And its not just esignal, tradestation is notorious for that kind of stuff. All the while, I'm using a free Open Ecry software and it didnt miss a beat today.
  10. milnarf


    E-signal still lagging at 12:51pm and lays a big egg today!!
    #10     Sep 15, 2008