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  1. Who else is having a problem with eSignal lagging on data? I also run their data thru Ninja and same problem. Trade thru IB and you see big lag. I am not talking about freezes either. I am working with two other guys having same problem, different locations
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    Trading the NQ ... big time lagging here. Whats going on E-Signal??
  3. lag is huge right now - seen them before but never this bad
  4. I noticed same problem yesterday as well
    for a bit of time
  5. Hey Chuck
    How do you explain this? we are not talking fast markets!!! The data is just plain and simple lagging!!!! This is BULLSHIT!
  6. someone got paid to put in the lag so you don't short this spike or unload into it.

    any more questions?
  7. I talked to eSignal all last week on a related problem and talked to both technical supervisors over the course of the week. Seems they purchased and are integrating their data and servers onto their platform. Their goal is to offer 30 to 60 days of historic data on all symbols when the upgrade is finished. My complaint is that during this upgrade they are creating different problems for themselves like this latency problem now going on. It always amazes me that the people they put in charge of these things are always those that have been repeatedly dropped on their heads as children.
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    someone got paid to put in the lag so you don't short this spike or unload into it.

    any more questions?

    You mean the pay off was only to eSignal?

  9. Chriz


    same here. today it was lagging like hell. Yesterday too but not as bad as today.

    I bet if i contact customer service they will tell me that the problem is on my side.
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    I have been used esignal for years and last year started to notice I wasn't getting as good fills as I had been and eventually realized that esignal was about a half second slower than the fastest feed pretty much all the time.
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