Esignal just as horrible as ever

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bundlemaker, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Over an hour ago I started my first support chat (and I use the term support loosely). I've been incredibly patient. Now, for the 4th go round, I"m ninth in que for more of the same.

    Esignal, I wouldn't post here, but you simply give me no alternative whatsoever. Either get support people who know something, or get more (or both) or expect these kind of complaints. I'm not alone. That's obvious from the many complaints on these boards.

    How long am I supposed to sit waiting for a reply? Over 5 minutes between chat responses? How about you take care of one customer at a time?

    You have my phone number, please call me.
  2. Hi Bundlemaker,

    Another alternative is to post about your problem over at eSignal Central. As for LiveRep, I'm not sure the nature of the problem you're trying to type in an instant messaging type of service that LiveRep is, but it's really not geared to complex problems that require in-depth trouble shooting.

    Matter of fact, depending on the problem, it's probably more efficient to handle over the phone, email, or eSignal Central, than LiveRep.

  3. I use Esig. as one of my systems and am curious how their network will handle all the users shifiting from AT to ESig.

    Will it affect things or no?
  4. Hi USAtrader,

    We routinely estimate our customer growth and add servers to handle. We also keep capacity well above our current customer load to handle any unexpected surge in logons.

    So the short answer is, no, there will be no effect.

    Thanks for asking.

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    I am a longtime user of eSignal and while not perfect, it is a good product - especially on a relative scale. But, I had a question about intraday NAV's on ETF's and the support I got was unacceptable to be polite.

    I "talked" to three different support people on-line and got three different answers - none of which turned out to be correct. In fact they did not know the answer, but did not bother to find out even after I pointed out their errors.

    I finally got the answers myself from other traders not associated with eSignal. It is obvious that the support personnel was not up-to-speed on technical issues and in a hurry to get rid of the customer rather than do the research and e-mail them later with the correct answer. This is typical of many of today's "customer support" organizations. eSignal could and should do much better.
  6. Hi itrader1,

    Thank you for the feed back. Not knowing specifically what those questions were on NAV's & ETF's, on the surface they appear to be questions one would ask their brokers as they relate to trading vehicles. We do try to train reps on the basics of the market, but the first priority would be to train them on the software and the technical aspects of how the software interacts with one's pc.

    What was the question on these related to? I'll make it a point to get it into the training material for the ongoing training that we do provide the reps.


  7. That's just great Andy. I have used the product too, and have had problems just like Bundlemaker, who's probably losing a "bundle" trying to figure out what's wrong.

    Should we put an ad in the local newspaper, put an ad on CNBC for help, or wear one of those body covering billboards in Times Square NYC and hand out flyers for help too? You're kidding me right?

    You don't really know what it is to trade, and get stuck on a problem that no one can solve. It's pretty easy for you to sit there in sunny California and tap away on keyboard as your direct-deposit paycheck hits your account.

    Esignal is a great product, but your support will create a new name for it...."WHAT SIGNAL?"

    You're going to have to try a little harder. Go take a walk over to the boys and girls in your office who wear polo shirts and khakis, tell them to put down the latte and figure out WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!
  8. E-signal is a good (great) product, until you have a problem.

    Then the support structure is awful. You (e-signal) know the support is terrible, but you all dutifully trot out the platitudes anytime someone complains.

    Lest there be any ambiguity.....

    E-signal support sucks.

  9. reg


    Overall, I personally have had good experience with eSignal. But if you think eSignal support sucks, try Qcharts support. :)
  10. The difference is:

    Qcharts is a poor program with poor support.

    E-signal is a good program with poor (to speak kindly) support.

    What we want is a good program with good support. That is a knowlegable tech who picks up the phone now. Especially since we pay the dime to call.

    My idea is to charge the morons who call with stupid obvious questions, but answer my question as to what is wrong with my data feed NOW.
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