esignal is now provideing CBOT emini free: what about IB?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by allesim, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. allesim


    Dear DEF

    I see that esignal has started to provide CBOT emini free, since CBOT changed their policy and provide free as well: what about IB?


    Is eSignal supporting the new CBOT free e-mini promotion?

    Yes, effective 02/21/02, the new CBOT e-minis are available in the eSignal data feed.

    Here are the e-mini contracts included in the CBOT promotion:

    Click here to go to the CBOT site.

    CBOT0…3 mini-sized contracts Full-size Contract (Exchange)
    U.S. Treasury Bond $50,000 $100,000 (CBOT0…3)
    U.S. 10-year Treasury Note $50,000 $100,000 (CBOT0…3)
    Eurodollar* $500,000 $1,000,000 (CME)
    Mini CBOT0…3 DowSMFutures $2 x DowSMJones Industrial AverageSM(DJIASM) $10 x DJIASM (CBOT0…3)
    Corn* 1,000 bushels 5,000 bushels (CBOT0…3)
    Soybean* 1,000 bushels 5,000 bushels (CBOT0…3)
    Wheat* 1,000 bushels 5,000 bushels (CBOT0…3)
    New York Gold 33.2 fine troy oz. 100 troy oz. (COMEX)
    New York Silver 1,000 troy oz. 5,000 troy oz. (COMEX)
  2. stevet



    whats the point of your communication

    esignal and any other data suppliers including the data on a trading platform - either supply data for a service fee as that is their business model or are prepared to supply something for nothing or at a discount as they feel they will make it back some other way

    in the case of a data supplier they supply their service for a fee, and their service is the supply of data in the format they supply it in - but the origionator of data - who supplies the data supplier also wants to make money from that data supply so they make a charge for the data supply if they can - and mostly this relates to a real time feed

    in the case of any new products - the originator - the exchange - may supply the data for free in order to give a kick start to the product and therefore increase the liquidity - but this does not affect the data supplier since they would only pass the excahnge fees onto the exchange anyway

    and if you are already paying the CBOT fees anyway - you would not be paying anymore for a new CBOT product since all CBOT products are included in the one CBOT fee - and if you are not already receiving the DOW - and you are losing money in the S&P - not receiving the DOW may explain it - since it can be a great leading indicator for the S&P
  3. allesim


    dear Steve

    Thanks for your reply

    The point is the I did not trade CBOT (only CME eminis) up to now because I would have to pay twice the fee: once for IB (US$30), in order to trade, and the second for esignal US$70), in order to see charts.

    That I felt was too much.

    Now esignal is giving CBOT eminis free. therefore I was hoping IB would also give his customers the same benefit, since I guess CBOT is not more requiring IB to pay data access fees for CBOT small contracts (eminis).

  4. stevet


    i guess my point was that i could not see how you could trade the eminis s&p or nasdaq, without a dow feed - but i notice on these forums that perhaps a lot of people do

    but what do you want the free data for, do you trade those illiquid contracts
  5. wild


    in order to avoid confusion the term "e-minis" should be reserved for the well-known CME index-products ... the new "mini-sized" CBOT-products are a different story alltogether ... imo


  6. DblArrow


    The mini stuff on the CBOT is what used to be the MidAm.

    CME used to give away the e-mini data, but of course now they charge $10 for it.