esignal is NOT real time

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  1. DT-waw


    Take a look at screenshots. Esignal quotes are different when compare to TWS quotes. From my experience they lag about 3 to 10 seconds.

    To CQG users: are your quotes match with TWS quotes?

  2. BKuerbs


    You have been watching an instrument traded at the Eurex.

    The Eurex provides two data feeds: one for its members and one for data providers, like eSignal, CQG etc. The data feed for members has top priority and will be served first. IB is a member of Eurex and distributes via TWS the data it receives via its member feed (limited to one update per second).

    In a fast moving market you will always note a discrepancy between the two feeds: TWS will be faster and provide more ticks. eSignal, CQG et al. will provide less ticks (with larger size in such situations). I have seen a break-down of the data provider feed at the Eurex, where none of the data providers could deliver any data, while TWS kept showing bids/asks and trades (and accepted orders of course)

    And as consequence in such situations you will have fills at a price you do not see in your charts.

    So if you really need every tick (I doubt it) you need access to an Eurex-Terminal. You will have to work for a company offering that access or found your own one.


    Bernd Kürbs
  3. DT-waw


    Thanks for reply. So, CQG will not solve the problem. :mad:
  4. DT-waw


    Does GLOBEX has the same policy as Eurex?
    Sometime ago, I've seen ES, NQ quotes lagging about 1-2 sec. vs TWS...

  5. ET M2-DT 3626.00 (esignal) 3630.00 (TWS)
    AX M2-DT 5230.00 (esignal) 5234.00 (TWS)

    IMHO too big difference, maybe at this time there really WAS a delay.
    CQG will tell you when data is delayed (pop-up window), maybe esignal won´t.
  6. BKuerbs


    What problem? There are some real things to worry about: a surprise interest hike by the FED (like the first lowering of rates in 2001), an institutional idiot cleaning up the order book by confusing size with limit when he enters his order (11/20/2001), an airplane crashing into a scyscraper in Milano (last thursday) and last but not least your internet connection failing exactly after you entered an order (before entering a stopp-loss) or simply mistyping your order. These things may turn into problems, but not seeing your quotes a little bit late sometimes.

    As to Globex, I do not know their policy. Certainly someone else knows.

    As FX-Trader pointed out, the differences today may have been due to some delay by eSignal. CQG offers a free trial period, why not run them along with eSignal and TWS to compare them?


    Bernd Kürbs
  7. stevet


    having a delay in quotes can make a major difference - depending on your trading style - but for instance, you could end up going long or short based on the product having held a key support or resistance level, when in fact just before you took the trade, the level had been broken
  8. xtrader


    will become less and less dependable. (quote systems co.s cutting costs)

    Develop a style which is not dependent on split second quotes.

    Unless you want to pay a few thousand a month for reliable quotes, I don't see this getting better.
  9. stevet


    paying more will not get you more timely quotes - if you use cqg - you have a better chance - since to date they concentrate mostly on futures - so less data clogging everyhting up - and as they are used by most professionals - at least what you are looking at is the same as a lot of others - but the problme is that the data that goes for data distribution is mostly going to get delayed
  10. wild


    Eurex is suffering from severe problems within their own data-distribution/storage systems ... trading had to be suspended for 2 hrs a few days ago due to those difficulties.


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