Esignal is complete garbage.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ChkitOut, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Its slow, keeps crashing 'esignal has to shut down', the layout blows, freezes for seconds at a time, don't try to do anything to complicated with it, it just plain old sucks.

    I've never had problems like this with any software.
  2. Eddiefl


    Its actually the most stable and most robust system with several redundant feeders.

    Check your computer

  3. If its my computer then I guess Ensign, Sierra, TT_Trader, microsoft flight simulator :) all work fine on a bad computer.

    Actually I just looked at the reviews and noticed a handfull of people having problems with v.10. Maybe thats the problem?
  4. Never had a problem, check your computer for a conflict.. if all else fails do the dreaded Windows reformat and reinstall, only sure way of knowing your system is clean, I do it once a month for fun :p
  5. Are you using Vista or XP?
  6. xp home, pentium 4 2.8 ghz, 1gig ram
  7. Good point, nobody should be trading with Vista, leaks data like a sieve.. about as stable and compatible as most marriages
  8. Many threads about this. Esignal has been a piece of crap since its inception. I was using it back when it was Bonneville in the 80's, and tried a few time since. Always crap.
  9. I am computer illiterate....

    And there was a time when I experienced a number problems with the turned to be a bug in my " internet interface card' that required me to do a complete reformat....

    Hope this is of some use to you as a possible problem area...hope it isn't though.
  10. Chkit,
    It's not your computer. You need esignal ver 80r2. I too experienced this issue when ver10 was first released. I've not had problems since the downgrade.
    Contact support. They'll provide you the link to ver 80r2.

    They've recently released ver10.1 June 5th but I'm not willing to test it yet due to the bad taste left lingering from ver10.

    Much luck to you.
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