Esignal incompatible with Vista?

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  1. Yours is not the only delimma. Adobe also went to sleep at the wheel. IMHO, Esignal owes you a refund for the months their platform is unusable.

    Vista Beta has beenout for months so there is no excuse for Esignal or any other developer not to be ahead of the game.
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  2. One last thing, if you have a shortcut to esignal on your desktop. Right click the shortcut. Left click "properties." There should be a selection to make the application compatible with XP
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  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    For updates on eSignal running under Vista, please review KB Article 3264. We will keep this article updated as we continue to test with Vista and work with customers that choose to upgrade to Vista. Please keep in mind that we have not added Vista as a compatible OS (under our System Requirements).

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  4. fseitun


    Thanks for your reply.

    The bottom line is that Vista is already out there in the market and all new computers are loaded with Vista while eSignal is still a few months behind.

    Tradestation is Vista compatible and so are many other trading softwares.

    It should have been eSignal's priority to be ready before Vista's launch in the market and it's not my fault if my new computer comes with Vista incorporated in it.
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  5. Chica


    Just sharing... when I'm working with something that is my bread and butter, you bet I'm going to check out the compatibility of the software BEFORE I make changes.

    Remember back in the early 80's when folks went out and bought those fancy new things called CD players??? They had one costing quite a few hundred dollars... oh, yeah, but where do you buy CD's?

    It doesn't do you any good to buy something if your lifebread is not going to work.

    Do your homework first. JMHO
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  6. fseitun


    Alright Vista users

    My problems have been fixed thanks to eSignal's tech support.

    I believe my issues were firewall-related. Basically all I had to do was to add eSignal as an allowed program in my firewall security settings. You have to do this manually because you'll only find eSignal Data Manager as an allowed program while you also need to check eSignal on the program list.

    If this is not enough, just right click on the eSignal Icon and select: run as administrator.

    That should resolve all issues.

    eSignal will come out with a beta Vista version very soon and their next release will be Vista compatible.

    I am glad my problem has been fixed simply because I like eSignal and it would have been a major pain in the butt to change provider and start all over again.

    Good luck all
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  7. fseitun


    I think all companies who aren't ready for Vista today SHOULD HAVE DONE THEIR HOMEWORK long time ago.

    I can't see how it's my fault that my old XP-loaded computer crashed on me and I had to hurry and get a new one that came with Vista in it.

    I know it could have been possible to request a new computer with XP instead of Vista, but it would have taken a couple of extra days to do the switchover and I didn't have that much time to give.

    After a couple of initial issues, I am satisfied with Vista so far. Within 6 months all bugs will be history and Vista will be running just fine with any software program.
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  8. E signal doesn't utilize dual core cpu's either. This is what I read off of tradingcomputers dot com. What I did was get a Dell, run active kill disk, then reinstalled windows XP Pro from a dell OEM disk. Works like a charm. Just make sure there a XP compatible drivers for your CPU before doing so.

    I am running Sierra Chart, for now, which is a multi threaded app, but may look at Prophet X or TS. I just don't like the constant complaints I see that TS locks up on high volume.
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  9. stepan7


    Try run E signal as Administrator
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  10. thanks for posting that Sierra Chart is a multi threaded app... didn't know that and appreciate it more now...


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