Esignal incompatible with Vista?

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    I spent the weekend setting up my new Vista-equipped computer.

    Today was my first day using eSignal with live charts.

    Well, apart from several datafeed interruptions that I had to fix by reloading my charts, all 1min charts wouldn't update.

    I spoke with a tech rep who honestly enough admitted that this is a Vista-related problem and eSignal hasn't yet come up with a 100% compatible version.


    I spend over $250 per month and I find out that eSignal only works with Windows XP?

    What were the programmers doing since Windows released the Vista beta version one year ago?

    My guess is they've been sleeping all this time and now that all new computers come with Vista, they are just so far behind.

    I am very disappointed and as of right now I'll be looking for a different provider.

    Anyone have any suggestion?
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    First on my list is Tradestation, which I know very well since I used to be a TS customer until a few months ago.

    Just checked their website, and here is what they say:

    Windows Vista Capability

    TradeStation is now compatible with the Windows Vista operating system.

    Alright, it's clear these guys haven't been sleeping as long as the eSignal guys.

    Let's keep on searching for alternatives...
  3. Being a former IT worker since 1984, here is what the different releases of Windows stand for:

    Windows 3.1 - 3.1 ways to clobber a computer
    Windows 95 - 95 ways to clobber a computer (an upgrade)
    Windows 98 - You guessed it
    Windows NT - Nuclear Test for your computer
    Windows 2000 - 2000 ways to clobber a computer
    Windows ME - mangled edition
    Windows XP - eXtra Painful
    Windows CE - Crippled Edition
    Windows Vista - vista nother way to clobber your computer.

    Need I say more?
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    It was pretty entertaining...however it doesn't do any good to my case simply because my new computer was sold with Vista in it and I am not going to purchase XP simply because the eSignal IT guys have been sleeping for all 2006.

    As someone in another thread rightly stated, Windows Vista is going to end up on millions of machines and it's eSignal's job to offer a compatible solution.

    I am not arguing about Vista being better or worse than any previous MS release...

    I am arguing over the fact that my trading software provider has been sleeping all this time while competition is ready to welcome Vista users.
  5. I would get Tradestation.

  6. The first thing to do is press eSignal for a release date. Then you are in a position to make a decision. If they won't give a release date, walk away.

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    I like tradestation a lot, however they still aren't offering Euronext data and it's basic platform fee is $249.00 unless you decide to open a brokerage account with them.

    That's pretty expensive to me especially since i wont be using any of the automating features.

    All i need is reliable candlesticks and a good array of market breadth indices.
  8. Neoticker is compatiable with Vista.

    With eSignal you should try to enable Vista's Win XP SP2 compatiablity mode. Right click esignal icon, click on compatibility tab, select run this program in compatibility mode (XP SP2) and select run this program as administrator.
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    Thanks so much about your input.

    It seems to be working right now...although overnight data is slow as hell and I'll be testing this out tomorrow...

    By the way, since you seem to be much better prepared than any eSignal tech rep I spoke to...:) you have any idea why I lost my chart settings when I ran eSignal as Administrator?

    How do I get my settings back?

    I also de-activated the Vista function about User was a total pain in the ass...
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    UnInstall Vista and put XP back on. I will be nice and stop right here.
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