eSignal has gone downhill

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SWhiting, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I finally cancelled my eSignal account after being with them (on & off) since 1999. (Actually since 1994 when I had Quotrek).

    Their latest version, 10.0 really sucks: literally in system resources and figuratively in most other ways.

    Before this release they had great charting software but lately I've been getting up each day and the first thought on my mind has been: "I wonder if eSignal will work today".

    Just my $.02.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Any idea where you're going now? CQG is the next step up, I guess.
  3. who have you moved to for data?
  4. RedDuke


    Before totally dropping esignal try to plug their data feed into ninja trader and see if you notice a difference. Ninja is free for charting and demo trading.
  5. I have IB for my broker and had purchased a few months of Sierra Charts. I had back to sSignal because of the irratic connections with IB. These problems seem to have subsided considerably lately (knock on my head): I briefly lose connection once or twice a day.

    I only trade the S&P emini and I'm using this for now. I'll look around if it doesn't meet my needs.
  6. Thanks Redduke.

    However, I suspect that eSignal will still charge me the $125.00 monthly service fee. My bill has been $161.00 per month with $125 of that being non-Exchange fees. That's only 3 ES points and some change but I hate paying $125.00 for crappy software/support. The main 'cost' was wondering whether I could bring up my charts or not and how many times I would have to reboot before being successful. Lost an hour of sleep every day over that stuff !!!
  7. JayS


    I bit the bullet and went with CQG awhile back. The timeliness of the data after econmic reports has paid for itself many times over (every month).
  8. le140


    I went with TradeStation after esignal and was really happy with the switch and it's free if you trade.
  9. Joab


    Yep I agree.

    I switched to them recently from DTN for data and today their quotes cost me ($800) because it was incorrect (I found out later after the close) and a refresh.

    As professionals we count on these tools and you would think they would be on top of technology.

    Turns out there servers couldn't handle the flow and they are forced to update now (too late for my $800 today).

    I've been avoiding CGQ but it looks like I'm left with no choice and will take the plunge.
  10. I have to echo the same comments of JayS. I had esignal before they had all these connection issues and was happy, but when I switched to CQG there is no comparison. CQG is one step away from bloomberg.
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