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  1. In general I have been fairly pleased with the new Esignal.


    Periodically I have found that my charts won't update when I change time frames, for instance changing from 5 to 15 min. Eventually they come up but it is sometimes MINUTES before they do.

    I can usually fix the problem by logging off and logging back on, probably getting a new server.

    However, I much prefer that ALL my charts update properly ALL the time without me having to do ANYTHING.

    Got your ears on Esignal..??

  2. yeah sometimes this happens to me too, especially with an index (i.e. $sox) in the 1st hour of trading

    pressing CTRL + "OK" on the cursor window will reload the data...that usually works for me
  3. I have noticed the same problem, as well as an occasional long delay in the loading of the formula's (pivots, ohlc). A minor annoyance, but one nevertheless.

    PS. Does anyone know how to color code T&S so that trades going off at the offer are green and trades going off at the bid are red. I have tried all combinations of coloring but can't seem to get it right.
  4. I am also experiencing a problem with eSignal using exchange filtered charts.

    Example I use IBM=N on a 5 min chart to filter only trades on the New York Stock Exchange, but the problem is these charts just simply stop updating at random times during the day.

    The charts work fine if I just use IBM with no exchange filtering. It seems there is a bug in the application when exchange filtering is used. I have reproduced this on two seperate computers.

    Any help from eSignal in solving this problem will be appreciated
  5. There is another recent thread on this problem. They claim to have found a solution. Go look at the other thread.
  6. No solution has been found for the eSignal Exchange filtering problem. They are working with me on solving it, and hopefully they will find the problem shortly.

    I would still like to request that any Users that also have this problem, PLEASE contact eSignal support. They are trying to understand why it fails, so any additional feedback will be helpful in solving the problem.


  7. Thanks for the info but the other thread does not address exactly the problem I have described. Since this is a gripe thread I decided to post my gripe
  8. I had the same problem (nyse filtering) and its been fixed. tech support was awesome. the problem was with Tradestation 2000i unchecking the regional collection checkbox in the global settings of the data manager.
  9. Yea that was the solution that I was thinking about from the other thread.
  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    The Data Manager setting described in the other thread fixed the issue for at least 2 customers who have reported problems with regional symbols not updating. Those reports were almost identical to what you describe as well.

    Please check out the procedure and make sure that setting is OK.

    If that setting is OK, hence you still can't get regional symbols to work correctly, you fall into a different category along with one other customer (Slave2Market) that we know of. If that's the case, we'll work with each of you to try to find the cause on your respective systems.

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