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    eSignal Launches FutureSource Workstation 3.0

    Powerful Upgrade Includes a Suite of Trading Tools with New Features and Enhancements for Tracking and Analyzing Futures, Options, Cash, Energy, Foreign Exchange and Equities

    HAYWARD, Calif. — ( Oct. 16, 2007) — eSignal, the desktop solutions division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced the immediate availability of FutureSource® Workstation 3.0. This major upgrade includes new features, such as Energy Workstation and OptionSource®, along with newly enhanced Charts, Quotes, News, and Time & Sales windows. In addition, Workstation 3.0 is now fully integrated into Interactive Data’s extensive technical infrastructure, providing Workstation 3.0 with access to one of the most comprehensive sources of market data content in the industry.

    “We are excited about offering a more powerful platform for professional-level technical analysis,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “Through Workstation 3.0’s consolidated data approach, investors can analyze critical market conditions, such as interdependencies and seasonal trends, and then consider trading strategies within this comprehensive market framework.”

    Workstation 3.0 provides an even broader range of international content from major stock exchanges and marketplaces around the world. By leveraging PlusFeedSM, a low latency, consolidated data feed service from Interactive Data Real-Time Services, Workstation 3.0 users can benefit from data from over 450 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 3.4 million instruments. Some of the additional exchanges made available include the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Tokyo Grain Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, Nikkei Indices, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, Brazil SOMA, Bratislava Stock Exchange and Indices, Bucharest Stock Exchange and Indices, OMX Baltic Equities (Riga / Tallinn / Vilnius), Prague Stock Exchange and Indices, Xetra European Stars and Xetra US Stars. In addition, eSignal network servers have been upgraded to allow for increased speed and performance for continued optimization of its data feed delivery. Dual network centers on the east and west coasts of the country are designed to be fully redundant, fault-tolerant and easily scalable operating in “live/live” mode. The network is supported 24/7 by dedicated employee teams and a sophisticated automated monitoring alert notification system. Improved performance features for Workstation 3.0 include lower memory consumption and caching of intraday data for faster retrieval.

    Workstation 3.0 includes integration with a new version of OptionSource, which for 20 years has helped traders analyze complex trading strategies and monitor risk. “Combining Workstation with OptionSource is really an amalgamation of the services our users and prospects have been looking for in a technical analysis product,” said Jim Ekstrand, Workstation product manager. OptionSource features include a customizable position window to monitor and analyze individual options or complex options positions in real-time. This includes more than 150 different price aspects, including Theoretical Value, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho and Implied Volatility based on either Last, Bid, Ask and Settlement prices. OptionSource also includes Risk Analysis with results available within tables or a graph; Range and Contour variables that allow users to vary underlying futures prices, volatility or time; Options Calculator; Price and Condition Alerts; and Summary window to monitor multiple markets simultaneously in real-time.

    Workstation Energy gives users complete access to Dow Jones Energy News, Dow Jones News Plus Energy, and Platts Prices and News. Seasonal Charts allow users to track yearly recurring tendencies of markets, and a new, animated Weather Map package assists in predicting weather-driven commodity conditions. QuoTrek®, which is eSignal’s wireless quote and market information service for mobile phones and PDAs, is available as an add-on to Workstation 3.0.

    Workstation 3.0 also supports Cantor Premium U.S. Treasuries and CantorEye UST data. Cantor Premium U.S. Treasuries provides tradable, real-time prices with the U.S. Treasury yield curve sourced from eSpeed, one of the most active, liquid markets for U.S. Treasury securities. CantorEye UST provides live, continuous, real-time indicative pricing for the full array of U.S. Treasury instruments.


    Seasonal Charts allow users to see a market’s seasonal tendencies to better gauge direction under prevailing forces over a certain time frame.
    Enhanced Charting Window offers a tabbed display for more charts per window and a new, logarithmic view. Users can also create pre-defined chart layouts for frequently used studies and plots.
    Enhanced Quote Window offers a new display mode designed for quicker access, more quotes, and additional price fields.
    Enhanced News Window offers a tabbed display allowing multiple news filters and searches to be displayed within a single news window.
    Enhanced Time & Sales Window offers a new toolbar for more advanced searches of historical data
    Time Templates allow customization of Start and End Times on Intraday Charts.
    Enhanced Time & Sales Window offers a new toolbar for more advanced searches of historical data
    All four Dow Jones News Plus Services added to the real-time news service, including DJ News Plus, DJ News Plus Global, DJ News Plus Energy, and DJ News Plus Capital Markets Reports.
    New Weather Package includes complete set of animated radar maps.
    Custom Toolbars feature allows users to customize toolbars and shortcuts.
    New Chart Studies and Drawing Tools include Triple Moving Average, Advance/Decline Ratio, Correlation Function, Triangular Moving Average, Fibonacci Extensions and a Cycle Line.
    New Quote window for displaying strip prices allows for a specified commodity and a matrix of strips for all open contracts.
    Market Profile and QuoTrek are available as add-ons.

    FutureSource Workstation 3.0 is available immediately at no cost to all registered users of FutureSource Workstation 2.0. For a complete list of FutureSource Workstation 3.0 features, as well as an overview of the service, please visit For pricing, call 800.621.2628.

    About eSignal:

    eSignal (, Interactive Data’s (NYSE: IDC) desktop solutions business, is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professional and active individuals. Building on a legacy of nearly 25 years of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. eSignal's suite of products includes eSignal®, Advanced GET®, QuoTrek®, FutureSource®, MarketCenter LIVE™, QCharts®, LiveCharts®, Market-QSM and the Web portals,® and

    PlusFeedSM is a service mark of Interactive Data Real-Time Services, Inc.