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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by paradox, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. paradox


    Is anyone using the esignal futures pricing plan? The pricing for it does not seem to make much sense.

    For example, why is it more expensive than esignal equities? (129$ vs. 109$).

    The futures plan supports viewing 200 symbols at a time, but who could possibly need to follow that many futures at once?
  2. Main down side with e-signals equities and basic product is
    that you cant subscribe to internationl future markets.
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  4. Does anyone know if Esignal's Eurex datafeed is up to speed yet?

    THey said all the problems would be soughted by mid year. Is anyone running it side by side with IB for a speed comparision?

    THanks in advance

  5. I agree, thats too much just for Futures data. I'm going to try Qcharts for $80 a month. From what I read here, they may not be as reliable as Esignal but they should be good enough for my needs and I have IB data for backup. Qcharts has intraday data going back for several years which I hope to use for backtesting.
  6. You might also look at using quotetracker with iq data feed for futures. I think its only 50 a month plus exchange fees.
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    almostatrader, look at easyriders post. i ran them side by side with e-signal and i couldn't tell any difference.