ESignal/FS Xtra Problem - Please help!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by StreamlineTrade, Jan 3, 2006.

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    I subscribe to the e-siganl/Futuresource Xtra platform. Recently I received an email from e-signal saying they are changing the fee structure for the CME data feeds.

    I got the impression that pit traded data was to be separate from the Globex data.

    I confirmed this with the rep. I said all I wanted was Globex quotes for ALL Globex contracts - Eurodollar, e-mini's, all fx futures. Simple.

    I log in today and see I am not getting e-mini quotes. Now, e-signal are telling me I ALSO need to subscribe to a SEPARATE feed for just the e-mini's, despite being assured otherwise earlier. This means I need to subscribe for 2 DIFFERENT feeds - Globex (non e-minis) and e-minis. This seems mad.

    No other data provider seems to do this.

    To other e-signal/Futuresource users:
    Do I need to subscribe to two feeds for the same Globex platform?

    It really makes me mad when a company gives me 2 different answers, leaving me without data and unable to earn my living. Even worse that I have to ask people who don't even work for the company how to solve this issue.

    Thank you for any help offered.
  2. I think they have a level 1 for $43.00/mo
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    It would seem like my issue is now resolved. I just needed to keep my original subscription to the full CME data feed as I had before e-signal sent out the email.

    I thought the e-mail suggested there would be a change to the products on the data feeds, and this was confirmed by the rep. It would appear that this is not the case.

    Did anyone else get confused with this one?