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  1. Today was a bad day for me and eSignal. Under most circumstances, I believe eSignal to be a good value for the money and a stable platform. Today, however, things started to act up relentlessly through out the day. Twice I got booted out of the program with an error message being created but which unfortunately disappears out of the temp folder it is created in as you exit the crippled application. I don't want to send anything to MicroSoft (sorry big Bro) and would have attached an email to tech support at eSignal but this "feature" didn't allow for that.

    At several times during the afternoon, I lost the 2 minute Advanced Charts on $TRIN and $ADD. Maybe eSignal wants me to change the timeframe because that actually cured the problem. WTF???

    ES ran fine in several time frames - even the 2 minutes chart.


    I felt I should gripe as I just noticed TradeStation folks had a thread of gripes and maybe I am not alone here. We need to get these guys to perform at 100%, our income depends on it.

  2. Where are you located, and what kind of broadband connection are you using?

    Who is the provider?
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    I haven't heard of any other reports similar to this, so I suspect there is something else amiss here. Here are some further questions that may guide us to a solution.

    - What version of eSignal are you running? (Found under Help - About)
    - Shortly before this all started occurring was there any upgrades or changes to eSignal or the PC?
    - What if you try a new Layout or Page? Does that clear the problem up?
  4. I am running 7.4 (Build 608)
    The changes I made to eSignal occurred last week - I ran eSignal on this PC several times since. I ws having an issue with bad application exits and was advised to delete several ini files and reload the eSignal App.
    I didn't try to open new pages - I use pages exclusively - just new Advanced Charts - this is how I discovered that different time intervals were not stuck.

    I would assume this is a very particular bug - you would have to be using indicator tickers like $TRIN and $ADD or $ISSU, which would most likely eliminate a large part of the eSignal population.
    I rebooted the machine after the first instance and the chart worked before it froze so it doesn't sound like the PC is completely messed up.

    Thanks for your assistance here.

    WAGGIE : I am on ADSL - BellSouth Atlanta

  5. While we are on the topic of eSignal, I would like to ask a question as well. The software operates satisfactorily, however, when I exit (Exit All & Save), the eSignal screen freezes for anywhere from 5 to maybe 20 seconds before it fully exits. No other software application that I have acts this way. Is this how it is supposed to close? Again, there are no operational issues while using the program.


  6. JayF-

    I had a similar problem today. One of my chart windows would just go blank out of nowhere. I would type another symbol in and it would be ok. after 10minutes, the bars went away, but the volume remained.
    And also, sometimes when i shut it down..i get some weird error message too.
    Last week the earth got hit with some radiation or something from the sun. at first i thought it was silly to be worried..but in the past few days, i've had computer problems, both cars are wacky, and my gas furnace stopped working! Where are all these gremlins coming from?
    I have the latest available download.:p

    Trade well.
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    For those that are having strange occurences with eSignal, I would suggest trying a clean uninstall and reinstall of the application. Beyond the standard Add/Remove Programs function, there are a few more steps to achieve a clean uninstall. Below are further directions on doing just that. I hope this proves useful to many.

    Complete eSignal Uninstall and Reinstall
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  9. Jay,

    Why doesn't the uninstall program automatically remove these files when you unistall the progam. Wouldn't this lead to less installation problems for each new build?
    dbcapi.dll (only delete from eSignal folders)
    “eSignal” folders and all content
    “dbc” folders and all content

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    Many of those files contain settings and preferences for each unique customer setup. If they are deleted, then those settings will be lost. The move up to the next version will seem like a step backward, since the user will need to reset all of their preferences and settings.

    One option is that there should be a toggle in the uninstaller that asks if you wish to completely remove eSignal (with a warning that all settings will be lost.) We will look into this possibility for future releases.
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