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    Hi GSATrader,

    I’m a user of Esignal ( BMI,DBC,Esignal) forex data since 1996. You are right about bad ticks in such crosses as EURCAD, EURAUD. I can also add here GBP/NZD, GBP/AUD etc…. The problem is liquidity. These crosses don’t have such liquidity as a major pairs. I used to have FutureSource data feed. Great company and great data feed. They manually edit such ticks from their data. So you always have good data, but you pay almost $500 for forex to feed you TS for example.

    If you use TS+ESignal you can adjust this bad ticks accordingly to your broker high&low on these crosses. If you use Esignal charting then it’s a problem -). Some forex data with Esignal charting is useless because of bad ticks.

    But overall, price+ quality , I’m satisfied with Esignal. They are doing good job.
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    Hi InTheZone,

    They used to have only $50 fee for forex including all contributors . Then they split them and added to extra charges. I didn’t notice any difference in a data quality after that, but I have been on cable box from DBC at that time and not on Esignal trough internet.

    IHMO, Esignal FX data for 50 bucks is pretty enough to trade forex. Additional Contributors are just waste of money.

    That’s all I can say on the subject. -))
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    There are only a few true forex services with multiple contributors. After Reuters, GTIS is the leading source with hundreds of contributors. GTIS is owned by eSignal's parent, Interactive Data.

    I believe, GTIS also supplies Bloomberg, FutureSource, Comstock and CQG, besides eSignal. The GTIS ticker plant is located in the same location as eSignal's so the feed goes straight into our distribution network.

    Not all forex sources are the same - so be sure you know what you are getting.

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  4. Chuck,

    I've been thinking about trading forex interbank, and would find your add-on data feed very helpful.

    However, I have some concerns about the safety of funds on deposit at online interbank forex dealers.

    I started a thread on this topic:

    If you could shed any light on this, I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on the matter.


    -- ITZ
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  5. They have a java based product called fsXtra with a FOREX package priced at 70 $ / monthly.

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