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    In reading these messages it seems readers here are not sure we carry FX quotes. eSignal's parent company Interactive Data owns GTIS, one of the largest providers of FX data worldwide. It sources FX from many banks and brokers as contributors - so it is not a single broker quote feed.

    We have multiple years of data so we can provide charting of FX for all symbols.

    The fee is $50 for the service which can be added to an eSignal account.

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  3. What is the deal eSignal with Ensign? Can I get an eSignal FOREX feed and Ensign charting from you guys? What is the cost? And how much more to add the eminis if I want?

    I'm not interested in trade execution - I have a separate trading platform for that. Just want the Ensign charting /eSignal data at reasonable cost if possible.
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  5. Thanks Chuck - but what are the costs I asked about?
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  7. Looks way overpriced - I don't understand how you can possibly justify $150 plus per month for data and charting for Forex alone?

    Seems there ought to be some thought given to a level of service aimed at those who concentrate on the major currency pairs, with some options for adding major index futures, and other mkt indicators.
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    If what you're looking for is a forex data feed and charts, MGForex offers a package for about $40 per month. They offer a dde link, which I use to import data into Excel. Their charts are pretty good, but I haven't used that many other chart programs, so I can't really rate them.

    MGForex is also a forex broker, but I don't have an account with them.

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    eSignal's Forex service from GTIS comes from many major banks and FX brokers, not a single broker source, so you can get the complete picture of the best bid and offer. Looking a single broker as a source is like having only one market maker in a stock. Here is some more information on eSignal's FX service:


    Also, check our community @
  10. Chuck,

    I am interested in trading currencies, but have abstained due to a lack of quality forex data.

    My understanding is that most forex transactions occur via the interbank market. From what I understand, these banks disseminate their quotes only to established clients.

    I haven't traded forex because of my concern that trades may happen overnight which aren't reflected in the US forex futures price charts.

    Some questions for you:

    1. How accurate is the GTIS prices relative to what actually transpires in the interbank market?

    2. What % of the total dollar value of currency transactions are represented by the GTIS data?

    3. Does the quality of the GTIS forex data vary with the time of day or night?

    4. Will GTIS forex data pick up the transactions that occur outside of regular trading hours in the U.S.?

    5. What can we do to independently assess the quality of the GTIS forex data?

    6. Can I download into Excel 15 month's worth of intraday (30 minute bars) historical forex data for analysis? If so, how?


    -- ITZ
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