eSignal: false high/low of day alerts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by davez, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. davez


    Every single day, at about 70 minutes after the Open, my high-of-day and low-of-day alerts trigger TOGETHER for every index symbol ($xxx) I watch in eSignal. Obvioulsy both the HOD and LOD prices are not being hit at the same time.

    I reported this last January. eSignal acknowledged it was an issue, and said they would get back to me. I have politely asked a few times what the status is with this, but my questions are ignored.

    NINE months and eSignal does not fix this. It is mostly just an EVERY DAY annoyance, as one then has to reset each of these alerts. But when watching for post first hour breakouts, these false alerts are distracting.

    eSignal knows this is a glitch, it is not only happening on my computer. Yet they do not fix it. My question is, does this not bother other eSignal users.... both the issue itself and that they will not fix it?

    Maybe the imminent(???) new release is keeping them busy and they do not plan to fix this ... ok, can't they at least say so? Or will this issue exist in the new release too?

  2. Shagi


    Even the closing prices are wrong in most cases. Have to rely on my broker feed to get accurate information. Pathetic.
  3. Regardless that it's just an annoyance, you brought it to their attention several times and they have not fixed it. That's UNACCEPTABLE.

  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    It's clear we've done a poor job setting expectations and communicating our progress in this matter. We'll certainly do a better job going forward and a reply to this issue has been posted on our forums.

    Thank you.
  5. joe4422


    I seriously doubt you'll do a better job. The data has been crap for quite some time now. I always have IB running to double check the data.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing out there better. As soon as there is, I'll switch and never look back. E signal gets away with it for now, one good competitor will put them out of business though.
  6. The data from Esignal is WAY better than free data from brokers, at least the 3 or so I've seen. I wouldn't go by free data from brokers as a reference point.

  7. Esignal is for amateurs, no institutional investors use it. Stop paying for dollar store software.
  8. Shagi


    What do you use Bill that is a better product? I have tried Tradestation but its overpriced especially if you are not a brokerage client , but its a more robust platform than esig.
  9. joe4422


    trade station is also full of glitches.
  10. joe4422


    You're wrong about that. First of all, IB's data isn't free. Second of all, it's far superior to E signals. I should know. I have them both running all the time.
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