ESIGNAL Explain Why You Charge Exchange FEES Twice????

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mahram, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Im posting this here b/c esignal is the sponsor, and they have reps that respond to question here. Esignal, if I have more then one data provider, and I paid my exhange fees with another provider because Im using more then one data provider, then do I have to pay for the exhange fees again with you. People on elite trader saids you only have to pay the exhange fee to only one data provider,and your suppose to provide proof to the other ones you have paid exhange fees with another provider. but when I emailed your rep, he said I still have to pay your exhange fee, so I decided not to sign up with esignal. Is this true, or its because he was unimformed? Please provide answer.
  2. For every same data you use, you have pay again,
    because you are using another extra feed, and
    there is cost related to every feed.

    The case might be differnet if you use, lets say
    Esignal primier and Tahoecharts from eSignal and
    then you might not pay twice the charge for using
    CME feed for feeding both programs, but again
    i'm not sure if you can use them simultaneously
  3. Sanjuro


    The original post was directed for eSignal for a definite answer.

    I would like to know the correct answer without speculation also.

  4. Chuck_T

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    There is nothing unique about how eSignal charges exchange fees. It applies to every broker and market data vendor who has a contract with the exchanges.

  5. You said you use two feeds? Why don't you pay Esignal and ask the other supplier not to charge you the exchange fee? What will be his answer you think?
    Each supplier has to charge his clients, that's agreed with the exchange.
    I find it a little cheap to blame Esignal, especially if you have two supplier that charge you. Why is Esignal guilty and not the other supplier?
  6. ohh ok, I was just getting alot of confusing answers, some traders were saying that there primary data providers only charge the exhange fee, and there secondary providers would waive the fee if they show proof that it was paid...thanks for replying chuck

  7. sorry chuck I also forgot to ask, how come we arent charge twice for exchange fees, if we subscribe to quotrack and esignal? Its a good deal mind you :D

  8. Chuck_T

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    You are signing up for one account, with one username and one password. It will only run one device at a time, either eSignal or Quotrek, thus only one set of exchange fees.

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    chuck -

    why do you charge extra for futures data (on top of the regular subscription fee and exchange fee), when more reliable data providers dont?

    i mean - what is the additional cost to esignal of providing futures data compared with stock data?

  10. don't expect reasonable explanations

    don't expect acceptable explanations

    keep complaining on these boards and similar ones about their horridly overpriced service offerings

    just simply abandon them as the low class product that they have become

    it is a shame that they continue to frustrate those who pay for their overpriced offerings....

    you're not going to get satisfaction from them, even if they reverse your fees....
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