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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by danjos, Mar 22, 2004.

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    Since AT is going away, several prop firms are now switching to different platform. Assent and Hold brothers, I believe chose ESignal and Generic goes with Thompson one.

    THis is my third day using Esignal to trd NYSE listed stocks. Not very good experience so far:
    A stock that I was trading and watch its times and sales suddenly not updating on the times and sales (advanced chart version) and on the chart. THe status was still showing OK green on the times and sales. This happens for the third consecutive day now. Each time I call customer service, they could not figure out the problem and the solution is to restart both the data manager and esignal. The support said that the stock somehow got stuck. Even few hours later the same stock would not update unless you restart. Because of this, now I would have to open both my AT and Esignal times and sales until the firm take AT away from me. WOuld appreciate any input from esignal support to solve this problem. Another problem if you want to scroll times and sales to the beginning of the day (press end key), usually it will take you to the beginning of yesterday even though I set the filter data to be 1 day.

    Also another annoying thing is the symbol count keep adding if you type a symbol on a chart and replace it with another symbol. So after a while you would need to reset your symbol count to clear the database.

    I would like to find out the experience of other prop trders who start using their esignal.
  2. i started using it and its fine to me. i guess you had AT before. if you don't like it get realtick or reuters might be 50 bucks more a month if that. it also might be your running on a old computer. also did the time and sales thing happen the same time each day. if it did you might be set on the wrong time zone because i had that problem too. call them again
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    My computer is not fine P4 2.4 and has 628 RAM.
    Reuter's chart is not good and Realtick doesn't have good times and sales format. I am looking into tradestation since the schart is good , the times and sales has bid/ask bid size and ask size but you cannot filter to have only NYSE. Also the monthly fee is only $95 plus exchange. Anybody has experince using TS to sclap NYSE stocks? I am not talking the execution platform but merely using the chart and times and sales window, news etc.
  4. Try Track then.
  5. danjos,

    if you are scrolling down on the tos window (to see past transactions), make sure you scroll all the way back to the top when you are finished. because the tos flow halts once you start scrolling, and resumes only when you go back to the top.

    Not sure this helps you, but if it does, then cool yo..